Goofys or Minnies breakfast? And toddler help!


Aloha!! We are arriving in early June, party of 5, 2 adults, 2 teens (17,15) and a toddler (2). Its my toddlers very first time there and my husbands second. The older kids and I have been many times. Never did either breakfast though. What is your favorite? And what are some MUST do’s for the baby? Never been with a little one before. :wacko: Any advice is welcome! Thanks


Sorry. We’ve never made it out to DL. I’m sure one of our DL veterans will be able to help.

Have fun planning.


The food at Goofy’s is better and there are more choices.

Goofy’s seemed a little bit more relaxed to me, and there’s music and interaction, so that’s fun.

Not that Minnie’s is bad. The character interaction in both places were great!

When my DD was that age, she was scared to death of the characters, but warmed up after a couple of days. Maybe plan a character breakfast toward the end of your trip?

Also, when she was two we just rode Small World and Pooh. A LOT. :laugh:

Welcome to MB!


Thanks, the toddler loves characters. Well the easter bunny and santa. haha so hopefully he wont be scared. He is a thrill seeker, so we plan on taking him on all the rides he can reach. Hes 40" already, so **** make it on a few of the bigger rides. Cant wait!!!