Google Earth/WDW question


Ok, I was looking at WDW on Google Earth this morning (can you tell my trip is 5 days away?) and noticed something I haven’t seen before. It’s east of CRB sort of between the resort and Typhoon Lagoon but just a little to the south. I can see a few buildings and a pool around a small lake. It’s not on any map I have and it’s not labeled like the other resorts on the map. It looks like a resort but I can’t figure out what resort.

What am I looking at?


I will have to check out GE and try to find an answer.


Thank you!


R2G will have an answer for you, PM him a link to this thread :wink:


:laugh: That’s too easy, he knows everything.


That is Bonnet Creek Resort. I don’t know anything about that place except it’s not a WDW resort. It is a privately owned resort on Disney Property.


Thanks! I didn’t even think about Bonnet Creek.

Thank you!!

Back to Google…