Got a Pin


Both myself and my adult daughter each received Pins for WDW in the mail today.

This time the offer is for a package good from now thru August 14th…the package gives you $250 off the normal rate for admission and hotel in moderates…however…the admission tickets are not park hoppers…

At first I thought hmmmm…maybe?? But then I see that the tickets are one park a day…so we would never get that package…

Last year I received a pin for room only…but we couldn’t go until after the time period expired…

Just wondered if anyone else received this offer this week…:closedeye


This is the same offer that is going on right now - same deal worded differently.


Ahhh. I haven’t been paying attention to the ads…so no big deal then… Lol I won’t feel special. :slight_smile:


No, you are special still. You got a special notice of this deal and schmacy wording:laugh: They want to know why you are not going to be there this August - they are hunting you down!:laugh::laugh::laugh: