Got a trifold postcard from PC today!


I am so excited…In the mail today I got a trifold postcard from PC with tips about the resort! It’s getting closer!


See you at the parks, Tinks!


I hope so EmpressJenny…I think my countdown is off though? I’ll be arriving on Sept.13th and leaving on the 16th? From what you’ve written we will just miss each other! :huh: That stinks! And…we’re both from PA…how funny!


I love getting the cards, it gets you all excited and ready to go.


I’ve received the postcards a couple times too. It really does make the trip seem more real!!!


i hope i get a postcard. out of both trips so far, rob and i never got one from BC. :crying: do all resorts mail you postcards or do only a select few send you postcards?


This is a first for me. It was a mass generated postcard but it did say our last name on it so it made it a little more special… :happy: This will be the first page in our scrapbook!


Do they only mail the cards if you book your trip directly through WDW???

We’ve always booked our trips through Liberty Travel and decided to book “hopefully” our next stay direct.


Oh yeah. We don’t get there until the 17th. :pinch: