Got all our PSs, and just for fun


… I made all the reservations at restaurants we have never, ever been to in all our trips to WDW! I think that will make it seem like a whole new experience! We also made a list of all the attractions we have never tried (and there are surprisingly many!) and we have vowed to do them all this time! :cool:


That sounds like a great time! I try to try something new each time we go.


That’s what I’m going for this time. We are going for 5 days and I want to try 5 new places - did you get the dining plan? We had the free one in October and it was great…thinking about getting it this time for real.


We are on the dining plan for 3 weeks and we hav soooooo many new places that we would have never gone to if we didn’t have the dinning plan. There are a couple of old favorites there too. I can’t wait! :biggrin:


That should be interesting. I am very anxious to hear what you think of all your new stuff. I wish I were brave enough to do that…lol I am such a “stick to what you like person” LOLOL Congrats on the Pses (they will always be PSes to me…I hate ADR…takes to long to type…lololol)


Thanks! Our PS are for Boma, Portobello Yacht Club, Hollywood & Vine, the Plaza Grill, and we are going to throw in Big River Grille, Kimono’s Sushi & Karaoke, and Tempura Kiku, which don’t use PSs!

I need to add a few lunches, and so those may be our traditional old faves…

I am so jazzed up for this trip!!!


What a great idea !
I think I’ll try the same next year.


Good for you. The choices seem to be endless at WDW, no sense in repeating other than your abslute faves. You might find that by trying new ones, you might get some new faves!


that sounds like a good plan there, missdisney. you’ll definitely have a great time with a trip like that. it’s hard for us to do that because we did almost everything in the parks so there isn’t much left to do. during the last trip, we got to do some things outside of the parks for the first time and that made the trip more enjoyable. good luck with your trip. can’t wait for a TR.


So many places to eat and so little time. We have picked some new places this trip too. However I was just looking at a few pictures from our first trip thinking I LOVED IT THERE - I missed not going on the last trip - how can I fit that in again.

We also made a list on the last trip of things we wanted to do that we missed on the first trip and guess what - we came home thinking we did everything - WRONG! I am starting a new list LOL! :laugh: Just another reason to go back!

Congrat’s on your PS/ADR’s! Can’t wait to know what you think of your new choices. :mickey:


That sounds like a great plan ! We are doing pretty much the same thing when we go in Feb. We are planning to try places we haven’t yet, and there are lots of new attractions since our last visit.


This is a great idea. We’re doing some of the same thing in January, both with dining and attractions. One of the great things about WDW is that no matter how many times you go,there’s always something new to do!


I also am trying new places in January- Not all new, for my DS is an 8 year old toddler at heart and only likes things “the way they used to be”, but I snuck in some new ones that I think he will enjoy.


The only restaurant we added to the final (?) list has been a lunch at Whispering Canyon – in another thread, everyone insisted that we try it so we can see the inside of the Lodge, and also because the cafe is so fun – they said to be sure to ask for ketchup and see what happens? I can’t wait to get there and solve the mystery! LOL