Got my 2008 unofficial guide to WDW


Yes, it’s out. I just bought it at barnes and noble’s a few minutes ago…now I have something to read on the plane! I love my unofficial guide!


I haven’t bought an Unofficial Guide in a couple of years, this may be the year I pick one up.


It’s sitting in my carry-on bag. I havent even opened it. I wonder if I will be able to not touch it until we leave…something tells me no…lol


Oh, I’d be reading it the second I picked it up… it would take some real dedication for me to save it for the flight. heh…


Have you tried “The Complete Walt Disney World” by Julie and Mike Neal

It’s another good read . . . and the pics are AWESOME!! :wub:


OMG!!! PIck it up and start reading already!!! :laugh:
As soon as I got to my car I would be thumbing through it!!! :laugh:


I haven’t touched it yet…it’s calling out to me, but I am ignoring it. It will be easy to get through this week without reading it…I don’t have a day off between now and the day I leave…lol


We have not bought one in several years. Now you have me itching to get one.

Isn’t there some kind of Hidden Mickey book? Anyone know the name? I would love to get this for the kids.


This is a good one too:

Hidden Mickeys, A field guide to WDW best kept secrets by Steven M. Barrett :heart:


Thanks so much… i will look that one up on B & N… I think the kids enjoy a book like that.


I ordered mine but it hasn’t come yet. I can’t wait!!
I also have the Complete Guide to WDW . . . it’s great! I ordered it from amazon the same time as the Unofficial Guide but this was delivered first. I’ll be done with it just in time for the next one to arrive! :happy:


I pre-ordered from Amazon but it’s not here yet. I’m assuming it’ll get here either tomorrow or Tues. I should’ve just bought it from the store so I didn’t have to wait. :frowning:


Is the UnOffical Guide better than the PassPorter?


I like the maps in the Passporter but for overall information I like the Unofficial Guide a lot better. We always get both! :happy:


I tried to go buy it at Borders and Barnes and Noble both and NEITHER had it (cancelled my amazon order b/c I was impatient)…they said it’s not released yet! ??? Amazon says it’s not released yet and will be shipped on Aug 27 if you preorder. I’m confused.


It’s in my house, so they are WAY wrong. If it didn’t release yet, someone at my barnes and nobles is in BIG trouble.:laugh:


It depends on what you want in a guide book. They are both excellent books, but for different reasons. The unoficial is more of a research tool where as the passporter is more of an interactive planner. Two different concepts. I personally like the unofficial for reasearch and the passporter for when I start to plan. I use to get a passporter every year, but started making my own instead. They never had everything I thought was essential to planning my trip. I always had to supplement their planning part with a notebook. Now, I use the unofficial to research and then just make my own planner…works for me.


I know!!! The guy at Barnes & Noble said that because we’re in the Midwest, it takes longer for us to get the book. Ugh. I’m pretty sure the Midwest was able to get Harry Potter the night it came out!!! I think Disney is way more important. Sheesh. Oh well. I had B&N put a book on hold for me and they’ll call when they get their shipment.


I got mine today at Borders…but I live on the east coast


That’s odd. It said on that the Unofficial Guide has not yet been published, and can only be pre-ordered. It looks like they were wrong! :huh: