Got my MNSSHP tickets today!


I got my tickets in today’s mail…that was super fast. I just ordered them a week ago. I also cancelled my Tony’s reservation for that night and got the very last available table (according to the CM) for the not so scary dinner at the LTT. the girls are going to go nuts when they find out. I’m not telling them until that night. :ohmy:


That Is Great News!


Thanks. I am so excited about this trip, but I am excited about EVERY trip…lol I put them in their folder in my WDW notebook…gosh it’s getting full. That means I am on the ball, so it’s a good thing. I only have to get passes for three more people and we are golden.


Were your tickets “Halloween” themed, or just HCOE?? Just wondering…I know it doesn’t matter but I was a tad disappointed that ours were “regular” tickets…


I got ones that are the HCOE too. They say Halloween party on the back, but the tickets themselves are pretty plain. Last year they had a character on them. I got goofy and my DD had Donald.


Yay I’m not the only one with a notebook :laugh:

Congrats on getting that last table! Your girls will be so excited to find out! Hope you can keep it a secret til then :happy:


Yay Dana!!! I KNOW you are excited! Just think, in no time you will be in double digits!!


Yeah…doubt it. I stink at keeping WDW secrets…lol

It’s more of a binder with a seperate folder for each componet of the trip and a seperate on for each day with coordinating envelopes for spending money that have all my ADR’s written on them. My DD has her own envelope for her DD for each day…as does her GF…lol I am PSYCHO about my binder. It’s even color coordinated…each envelope matches the tab for the day…lol I even have the mousekeeper’s envelopes made and in their proper folder for the day they come…Welcome to the psycho zone…my name is Dana and I will be your tour guide.


Our tickets are the same as you.
Information on the back of the tickets.
I am now waiting for DH ticket to come, got three waiting on the 4th.
I bought Nikki the passporter and she loves it. She is doing a great job of keeping everything together. She does have to go through all the printouts, we have to decided what to take with us.


I can’t wait doughnut! It’s just around the corner…lol

Dac -
I ma so glad that your DD is loving that passporter…great book!


I think we’re in good hands though, right? :happy:

I have a notebook full of menus, confirmation numbers, plans by day, and sheets to jot down our days so I can write a good TR.

Yesterday I made Disney address labels for sending out those postcards, Thank you cards (thanking Cm’s for making our trip more magical) just in case we encounter a CM who goes the extra mile, and Mousekeeping envelopes and matching paper to leave notes on. And I also made some disney buttons on my cafepress store and ordered them for DH and I.

Yep psychos unite!


I love that idea and am going to steal it. I had so many great CM’s last trip and hope to encounter more. It will be nice to be prepared for it this time. I just made a trip to the check in area and talked to the manager. A hard-written note would have been a nice addition to show thanks for a great stay.


Yay!! I’m glad you got them so fast!! The excitement shows!!! :c) I love it when you get excited, Dana!!! Your excitement is infectious :c) LOve it!


Talk about hijacking this thread :laugh:
Dana, here’s what my cards and such look like. I thought you might want some inspiration :happy: They’re a little hard to see though.

Thank you cards and address labels:

My mousekeeping envelopes:

And here’s a great disney clipart site that I used:


Kittie chick, those are awesome, I love them, I think I will be stealing your idea as well!


You’re all thieves. But it’s ok. :happy: