Got my MVMCP tickets


I finally got around to purchasing our MVMCP tickets for our trip. We now have everything paid for except for my annua pass renewal. Hopefully that will be covered with my net pay check. I can’t believe I will be at my favorite place in just over a month. I can’t wait!!!


Just got off the phone from ordering mine for 12/2.

Edit: I mean Sunday 12/4.


I ordered mine (finally decided what to do) Monday! I will have to pick up at will call since I waited so long!

Can’t wait to go for the 1st time Tuesday!!


I always try to pick mine up at Will Call although there have been a couple times that I’ve printed e-tickets at home.


OK, I officially pronounce this post to not be threadjacking. :laugh:

Most of you regulars know we go to WDW the third week of October every year.
Well, it seems that since 2006, we have been in WDW the last weekend of November/first weekend of December (anywhere from 11/29 to 12/5 for a 3 day visit) primarily to go to the Christmas party and to see some of the other Christmas stuff. And most of those years, we’ve gone to the Sunday night MVMCP.

This year is no exception.:smile:

See. I told you it wasn’t threadjacking:flowers:


Sound God–of course it was not threadjacking. :slight_smile: I have a quetion about using Will CAll to pick up MVMVCP tickets since this is he first year I did not have them mail the tickets. Are the lines long at will call before the party or can I pick up the tickets earlier in the day? We have our annual passes, so it is not a problem for us to go earlier to pick them up.


You can pick up your tickets at any time during the day.
You can even pick them up a day or two before if you are already on property.
Will Call is handled at the outside park Guest Relations windows, which is the same line you’ll go to for anything to do with your annual passes, such as replacement passes, renewals, and upgrades.
Though I haven’t tried this, in theory you can pick up your tickets at any outside Guest Relations window/counter at any of the 4 parks or at DTD.
Are the lines long? Usually not, but it also depends on how many people walk up when you decide to as well as how many windows/CMs they have open. I believe that before a major event in MK, they try to man as many windows as they can so that they can keep guests satisfied. It hasn’t taken me more than 10 minutes as far as I can recall.