Got my MVMCP tix today!


In the mail! Just now! It only took a week!!!

They’re so pretty and…plastic! Woo! :heart:

I think we need a dancing emoticon! :laugh:

Seriously, I’m so excited, and it helps that my mom (the only going with me) is excited too!


YAY! How exciting! You’re going to have an awesome time!!! :mickey: :biggrin:


This is my first time going to the Christmas Party ever! :happy: Squeee…


Yea!! How exciting! I hope you have a good time at MVMCP. We were there once before and are going again this year. I got my tickets a couple weeks ago and was so excited that I scared my 4yo when I screamed with joy!


When you get them in advance, they are really cool plastic tickets! LOVE those! If you wait until you get there, you just get plain paper ones…:glare:

Anyway, YAY that you’re going to MVMCP!!! You won’t be sorry! It is a WONDERFUL holiday fun filled evening!!!


Oh, do you have dinner plans yet? You should try to eat dinner IN the park (CP, LTT, Tonys or Plaza) at about 5ish…this way, you won’t waste precious time while having fun at the party! (and since you’ll be eating early, you can take advantage of the FREE hot chocolate and yummy cookies all night! :happy: )


How exciting! Congrats to you!!


Oh I love the hard tickets they send in the mail. I still have mine from last year!


We went last year to MVMCP and we all loved it. You guys are going to have such a great time. I’m sooooo excited for you!!!


Congrats… it’s a great feeling, I remember when our MNSSHP tickets came. I was jumping up and down for joy.


You can keep your tickets? Awesome!

And I just understood the meaning of “hard ticket” event. :laugh: Go figure. I may look smart, but deep down I’m dumb as a dog, lol.


Don’t forget to get your free photo of you and your mom at the xmas party. They also have special shirts, sweatshirts and pins for the xmas party


Congrats! The MVMCP is a very fun party and you will have a blast. Like Kellie said, don’t forget the free photo. They also have free cookies and hot cocoa as well. The bubble snow machines on Main Street were awesome!!! You will love it!


Bubble snow? I thought it was real snow. :blink: I hope we’re not dissapointed…

The photo is free? My mom and I were going to forgo that, and maybe we still will, depending on the line. And the tshirt/pin is also debatable pending cost.

I actually have a question that’s been bugging me and I need an answer explained in my language or its never gonna sink in. :confused: My mom and I only have hard tickets for Dec 11 for MVMCP and we won’t be spending anytime before it starts in the MK, we’ll be around DTD. I keep hearing about how people get in early, around 5 or 6 or so? If the party starts at 7 how can one get in early unless they were already in the park? My mom and I would love the extra time to at least grab a bite to eat. (We’re still considering LT for the Christmas dinner but we can only spend so much on this trip.)


Hey, SuperScreev!!! :wub:

They’ll start letting you in with your tickets around 5. You just go to the line (they’ll prolly have a place marked for MVMCP guests??) If not - just go up around 5 with your MVMCP tickets and they’ll direct you where to go!! :happy:

That’s all ya gotta do! Well, I’ve never been, but that is what I plan on doing for the Halloween party!


Yay!! Thanks Erin!! Then I’ll really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. :laugh: I’m such a Scrooge McDuck, but my mom certainly thinks its a bargain!

Lol, SuperScreev? Just when I thought I couldn’t get any nicknames out of Screever, geez. :laugh: Hugs for da Erin!


Erin :heart:'s SuperScreev!


I know how exciting it is…MVMCP is the highlight of my trip…I’m going 7th DEC, first day of holiday…great way to kick off the trip.although this time I will smile for the photo…it was as good as my passport one…:crying: but i had a laugh when it came in the mail about half way thru january.

have a great time, and dont forget to stock up on the cookies…we took a container and put our spare ones in the container…they were handing out hand fulls at the end of the night…we had to say no more at the end…kept the magic going for a few days after:laugh:




Oooh good idea about the cookies, Karen! It sounds like they have some to spare closer to midnight! I heard it gets much quieter near midnight, and my mom is actually a real night owl if she gets a big nap earlier in the day. And midnight shouldn’t be a problem for me if I don’t sleep like a 20-something. :laugh: We should be able to stay up that late and survive.

And yes, Karen. Your son is good looking. …And he’s australian. :wub: