Got our luggage tags today for ME!


It was kind of a pain on the phone though.Because we are staying at CSR on an overflow rate from SOG, first Disney would send me back to SOG and then they would send me back to Disney! Just two days ago, I got lucky with a great CM who left me on hold as she made a few calls, she came back a few minutes later saying that I was all set. Not only that, she thanked me for serving our country!! God Bless America!!! :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy: :ohmy:


YAY for Franco54! You’ll be at WDW in no time now:)


You got the ME tags already? I thought they came much closer to a trip. I didn’t know I should be looking for them.


Gosh Franco, that is good news. Also, glad you posted this because I never called them back with my flight info for our upcoming trip!I need to do that asap.


That’s great you got your tags already. I got my tags about 3 weeks out, you are getting them really early.


I thought they were early, but I think it really was a great CM who has a military past or family members who were in the military.


Franco, that’s so exciting! Bet you feel like you’re almost there!