Got tickets?!?!


Went to the WDW site yesterday, & noticed that there were only 7 dates still available for MNSSHP, & only 4 for MVMCP!!! Last year we were able to buy tickets to MNSSHP about a month before we went & actually bought tickets to a Sunday night MVMCP 3 days before!!!
Any idea why there’s such a limited number still left? Maybe they’ve lowered the # of tickets per night, or are people just heading back to Disney in big numbers again?!


Hi there,
You got me all freaked out so I went to the DW web site… I went to the calendar and under special events I selected MNSSHP. I selected the dates (all of them were on there) and I was able to add 2 tickets to my cart. Maybe there was a glitch? I don’t know, but I hope there are still tickets available. Appears that way on the web site!
Good luck!