Got to new posts doesn't work for me


The little inverted ^ like this that should take me to the new posts only works in threads I have posted in during my current log in. If I leave and return, I get that icon, but when I click it I only go to the very first post in the thread–be it a thread I have posted in or not.

I used to be able to click on the new post icon and be taken to the first new post since my last visit-regardless if I have a post in the thread or not. Does anyone else have this issue, or is it my pc? I wonder if I need to clear my cookies or something, or if it’s a glitch mickey is working on.

Any help is appreciated :flowers:


I always clear my cookies every time I get off the internet. I did have problems with MB freezing up on me last night. Maybe it was just an overload of posting.


So the new post icon works for you CathysCAT? I think I’ll try clearing my cookies, I was trying to avoid that as it really screws up another board I post at, but I miss not being able to see what’s new with one click, lol.

I just realized the typo in my title :blush: It shoud read ‘Go to new post…’ Sorry.