Got TS3 Imax 3D Tickets? - We do!


I bought our tickets for the Toy Story 3 Imax 3D experience last night on Fandango :biggrin:. We are going to see the first show on Sunday, June 20 (father’s Day). I bought the tickets ahead because we will have to travel 3 hours to see it due to the local (1 hour away.) IMAX being closed due to the flooding in Nashville last month. My daughter (she’s 17, but loves TS. She watched all weekend on ABC family.) almost had a heart attack when she realized that the aftermath of the flooding was going to affect her ability to see TS3 in IMAX 3D :noo:, so Mom got online and found another IMAX theatre and we are going there. I decided that rather than chance showing up and having it sold out after I drove for 3 hours :eek:, that it would be better to pre-purchase. Now I don’t have to worry. WOOHOO!!! :tongue: Now that’s Disney dedication…:heart:

Also, if you buy any TS3 tickets online on Fandango and use your VISA card then you do not have to pay the processing fee. That was a bonus. :wink:


Awh yay! Way to go Mom! :happy: You’re going to have a great time!


Oh thats sounds fabulous! I am so excited to see this, my daughter saw the trailer and said it looks so good! Enjoy…


I know. I can’t wait. Only 5 more days til TS3, and 15 days to Disney. I will be Single digit dancing on Monday. That is the best way to follow a Disney movie is with a trip to Disney. WOOHOO!!!


WOW!! That is Disney dedication!! What a great MOM too! ENJOY!!!

We used to have to travel to NYC to see IMAX!! Thank goodness they just opened one up 1/2 hour from my house!! YIPEE!! Can’t wait for TS3!!!


Went to see it, and LOVED it! Everyone, kids or not, needs to see this movie. My DD loved the fact that this is a series of movies that she has watched since she was little, and now as a teenager she is the same age as ANDY, and it really touched her. Would go see it again for sure. Cannot wait for the Blu-Ray, DVD, digital copy three pack. Definitely a must buy. I want this on my ipod.


What a neat comparison. :happy: