Grab a bag or let DME do it?


Just wondering, we’ll be arriving at MCO at around 9:30pm when we go, & was wondering if anybody has just gotten their bags from baggage claim & brought them to the DME busses instead of letting DME handle all of it. How much time did it add from the time you landed to the time you were on the bus? It’s a tough decision since we’ll have a 3 & 4 year-old with us & they’ll be either ready to crash or crazy would up. Our other chioce is to just have them hold our bags until we wake up the next day, but DW’s not too crazy about that.


I honestly wouldn’t even go near baggage claim. I got the impression that the “Disney-tagged bags” are routed RIGHT from the plane’s underbellies to a ME location all together. I don’t think your bags even GO on those baggage claim carousels. They seem to have a pretty tight operation going, I would just relax and go with the flow! :smile:


I would pack everything you need for that night and the next day in a carry on bag and call for in the morning. We used DME in May were at our resort in 47 minutes after we stepped off the plane, stopping to get your bags would add at least 20 minutes to that.


I just don’t really so why you would want to, especially with little ones. We have a 2 year old, and I really enjoy just getting off the plane with our carry on and stroller and heading to the bus. Your luggage doesn’t go on the same bus as you anyway, it goes seperately to the resort. If you were going to do all the foot work of getting your bags, it really isn’t worth it to do DME, I think. You could just do it all yourself. You’re on vacation, take a break and enjoy it!


Definantly let DME do it! It’s so easy! Just carry what you need with you and let them handle the rest. Our DS was just over 2 last year and although we landed mid-afternoon, it was great not having to fight him and look for luggage!


I used DME and have no complaints on the amount of time it took them to get my luggage to me. It took just as long or a tad longer than it took me to get to the resort. With children that young, you could pack change of clothes and some necessities in a carry-on to avoid the luggage claim thing or you could grab your bags and then check in to ME. I saw people with their luggage in line for the ME, so I know you can do it if you want to. Just for the record, I detested the ME. I found it to be to long a wait to get to the resort and will never use it again. My experiene, however, is not the normal one.


I would go with DME and let them handle your bags its so much easier. WISH is right your bags are routed diff than other bags. We used DME on our last trip in March/April and had no problems. We did see people bringing their own luggage to the buses and it wasnt a problem at all. I think its just a personal choice. If you decide to get your own bags just make sure that you dont put on the DME luggage tags.
I would say from the time we landed to the time that we got to our resort (POFQ) it was about 40-45 mins, then we checked in and decided to go and get something to eat… While we were eating we noticed a CM walk by with a cart full of luggage and ours was on it. It was great cause by the time we finished eating and got to our room our luggage was there.


If you do decide to go with DME and do decide to get your own bags, do not put the luggage tags on them that WDW sends you. As the others have stated, you will not be able to get your bags at that point. They will get put in a seperate thingy…lol


So, when I check in do I just tell the front desk to hold my bags until the next morning? The other times we’ve used ME it’s been in the afternoon, so no problem for when the bags arrive. But this being late at night, I’d hate to have the kids ready to sleep & the bags show up!


If sure if you alerted the front desk to that they would make arrangements to deliver the bags the next day. At least it seems to make sense.


The front desk should be able to handle that request. I think they willl leave you a message on you phone when your luggage arrives and you can call for it when you are ready.


We got in at 8:30 and I finally gave up on waiting for the bags at 11:15. I found in the am that a message came to the phone at 11:30. I just called ASAP when I woke up as it took a bit to get the bags to our room (15 minutes).

I would be very tempted to get the bags myself at that late hour but it would be a hassle for sure.


No one loves a deal more than me - and ME is a great deal - but this is one time I’ll spend the money and hire a limo service. To me, after a long plane ride, it’s wonderful to collapse in the back of a towncar, let someone else worry about the luggage and be driven in privacy to our resort. It gives me a time to catch my breath. My dd and I arrived at 11 p.m. in March, after numerous delays, and it was such a relief to see the limo driver - while everyone was lining up for ME, we were immediately on our way. I would have hated to go through the whole “bus thing” after the day we had.


All are valid points. If anybody else out there has any opinions, or experience like this, I’d love to hear them. My DW is already not happy with me, changing our flight from early AM Thursday to late PM Wednesday, but it was cheaper & gets us an extra day at Disney!!


I would be thrilled with moving the flight up so our first day was a true full day.

Pack a carry on with everything you need for the night and a change of clothes for the following day (basically what you would carry on anyway) and go to bed. When you wake up call bell services and have your luggage delivered.


We were asking outselves the same questions last year for our Nov trip, and we ended up letting DME get them and it worked out fine, for me I like to actually see my bag after I get off the plane, but all went well for us.


DFamily and I got our own bags last year, because we didn’t receive any ME tags for some reason. It took us about 40 minutes I’d say to get 4 people’s bags after we got to baggage claim. The airline is always a bit slow about getting them on the conveyor belt anyway. Then we took them straight to DME and tipped the baggage handler/driver.

This year DH and I will not be using our DME tags on our luggage, so that we can go get our own so we will have it as soon as we get there, not a few hours later.


Your kids are small you should pack all you need for the night and morning and let the luggage service take them over,DME busses and the lugage part are not asociated to each other . But at the time you are arriving your bags will be there from 1hr to 4hrs latter and it all depends on the amount of people arriving using DME because the bag people contrary to the buses will not leave with an empty truck and DME buses will leave with 1 or 2 people on board.So when you get to your resort just let them know you will pick up your bags in the am that way they will not wake you to let you know they arrived in the midle of the night. And to answer 2 at the same time YES you can TIP the DME Driver He DOES NOT work for Disney and TIPS are part of his salary,Disney sends you the DVD and VHS telling all guest that all is included and tips are not accepted but the drivers of DME are not part of that and suffer in the same way because most think they are employed by Disney.You Tip a cab driver ,well think of the DME Driver as you Disney cabbie.
and just in case you guys were wondering about me been a driver for DME now i drive only DCL left behind DME but ocasionaly will do it when they are bussy for the same reason $7.85hr and no tips dont cut it on DME.


Hey Im wondering something… I wonder if at night they dont have as many CM’s working with the luggage and thats why it takes so long? I was thinking that most people fly in between early am and late pm(but I( could be wrong) so maybe there are more CM’s working during those hours… Just a thought…


That sounds like a reasonable guess, Wed.

I have to say on a personal note, I loved DME. We also flew early in the morning, arrived at MCO around 10-10:30 am. We went to the hotel, checked in, grabbed a bite and walked around the resort. Within an hour, MAYBE 2 at most, our lugguage was in our room, without incident. When traveling with a toddler, this is an invaluable service to me. I already have to carry a stroller, and a 20 lb carryon/diaper bag! Less is definately more here!