Grand Flordian Photo Shoot Pictures


I recieved my photopass CD yesterday and as promised, I will post a few of them. We prepaid for the CD so in addition to the 130 + pictures from the shoot, we went crazy stopping just about every photopass photographer. We paid $99 for the pre-paid CD (shipping included) and it came with 355 photos (about 75 are duplicates that I added disney clip art too)


and two more:


aww… those are very sweet! That’s a great idea… the all-white. Will make for some lovely Christmas card pictures…


JEN, i love them!! i think they are beautiful! :heart:


Oh Jen those came out great!! Thanks for sharing!!:heart:


Ps: Post More!!! Post All Of Them!


I agree! I want to see more!


They turned out SO nice. Definately DO post more of them. I would love to see more.


All of them, lol, all 355?


two of my favorites:


Those are wonderful… love everyone matching in jeans and white shirts… very nice!!


some more :


Those are GREAT! I :heart: how you are all wearing the same thing, but each person put a personal twist on it!! :happy:


Great pictures. Thanks for sharing. They will look great framed in your house!


They all look so awesome. I love the one of you and stu!! I want to see the rest of the pictures! The family pictures look awesome too.


The little red-head is just too cute! :wub: Love how he’s sitting with his legs up…


Oh those are great! Thanks so much for sharing!


Those are great! I forget…did you have to pay for the photo shoot? If not, the cd is a bargain!


If you pre-pay for the CD, the photo shoot is $25 for 20 minutes. Because of the size of our group, we did 2 sessions for $50.


What great pictures. I too like the matching outfits, good idea. I wish my dh and I could that, but we both hate to have our picture taken. Thanks for sharing.