Grand Floridian Cafe


Any opinions? Pros or cons?

Thanks a bunch!

Lisa :mickey:


I have no opinion cause I have never been. That being said, you should try it out. For the main reason that I want to know what it’s like too…lol Honestly, I haven’t ever read a bad review for that place, so you should go for it. Go on…take one for the group and be our guinea pig…lol:laugh:


We really like the GFC. Over the years, we’ve been there quite a few times and all of our experiences have been good. Service is good, the food is generally pretty good - nothing too memorable with the exception of the prime rib I had last August (it was melt-in-your-mouth delicious). I like it mainly because of the location. It is a very pretty place in my favorite resort and it’s always peaceful and quiet.


I think everyone should try everything at least once. That is my hope anyway, that way I figure I need to make a lot more trips. :laugh: We have been to 1900 Park Fare for breakfast and supper. I hope you enjoy it and cant wait to hear what you think!


We LOVE GFC. We needed a last minute ADR and called Disney Dining and the woman highly recommended it. I believe she told my wife that she dines at the different restaurants (for Disney, maybe quality assessments or reviews or something???) and she said that it was one of the most underrated restaurants at WDW. We agree. It was one of our best meals - food, service was excellent.


Is the Grand Floriian Cafe the little tea room style place near 100 park fare…or did I imagine that?!? I never know these days LOL!:blink: :wacko: :blush:


The GFC is next to 1900 PF; the tea room is the Garden View Lounge right off of the main lobby. Both are great!


I had lunch here this past Monday (July 17) with my mom right after we checked into the GF. It was almost noontime but the cafe wasn’t too full so we were seated immediately. When my mom didn’t like the table (it was right in the middle of the room) the hostess switched us to a different table.

For lunch, my mom had the entree caesar salad with chicken and I had the grilled chicken sandwich. My mom loved her salad and my sandwich was excellent. It came in a ‘sweet potato nest’ which was yummy. Our server was very attentive, even though she was serving quite a few tables. She took our drink orders and then came back for meal orders. She checked on how we liked our food and then came back to see if we needed refills. Finally, she asked us if we wanted dessert (we didn’t because the meal was so filling) and then brought us the check.

I would definitely go back to the GF Cafe. I’m sure breakfast and maybe dinner probably are more crowded, but for lunch it was nice and quiet.


great. This sounds like somewhere we will most certainly try then. Thanks for the thread!:happy: