Grand Floridian Cafe?


I am being lazy and don’t feel like searching through the threads, so if you would be so kind and tell me what this restaurant is like, I would be soo grateful. :flowers: :flowers:


If a picture’s worth a thousand words, here’s few thousand words of description. :smile:

Grand Floridian Cafe


Wow… nice pictures… thanks for sharing.


It really is a pretty little restaurant. :smile:


mmmmm, beautiful. I would like that round table by the window :wink:

I saw the food, but is it good?


I googled it to look through some pictures a few days ago LiMS. It looks pretty nice and has received great reviews.


Yummy yummy!!
We decided to go to Grand Floridian Cafe once during a really bust day at MK and we didn’t want to have to wait forever at Pescos Bills and we wanted something different than hamburgers…so we popped over to GF with plans to eat at the Food Court there…and it was a great decision! Dave had some ham kind of sandwich and I had this AMAZING thing with turkey covered with cheese…oh my gosh…ill have to go to and get the description because it was the best sandwich I ever consumed. And our total was less than $20 because we had the DDE. We didn’t go there for dinner but the lunch was great…and it’s very nice and peaceful inside.


Here it is:

The Grand Sandwich - open-faced hot turkey and ham, bacon and tomato, with a rich Boursin cheese sauce and French onion straws

but I got it without the ham because I hate ham! And looking at it again I think Dave had the Grilled Chicken Sandwich.


hehe! I hate ham too!!

Thanks everybody, I am looking forward to it now.

SuiteDisney your pictures were great! It looks beautiful!

And ddoll glad to hear it got good reviews. I am going over to allearsnet to check out the menu. :happy:


Thanks for asking I forgot that it was there and we needed a place for lunch so I’ll have to get busy for a lunch ADR


It is very nice inside and there food is so good!!


LMS, the food we had there was really delicious, and the kids had beautiful hot chocolates with mile-high whipped cream, and the service was really lovely.


This is one restaurant we have always wanted to try but never have. We’ve walked by it and it looks so nice and seeing the wonderful food pictures I know we’re going to have to try it.

Is it every so busy you NEED an ADR?


When we went for lunch during the early summer we did not need an ADR…we didn’t even have to wait…for dinner I am not sure.


We may have to go over there one afternoon now that we’re no longer doing the dining plan. I am liking the freedom already!!


We enjoyed our meal there. We would have enjoyed it more, but the kids had just gotten in the worst arguement of their lives and it put a damper on things.


Wow…that looks and sounds so YUMMY!!! I wanna go!!! Must make sure to include this next time:)


Out of all the restuarants on WDW property, we tend to favor the Grand Floridian Cafe. There are so many reasons to eat there. First, the atmosphere is great. You get great scenery and the place is beautiful. But, to go with that… The food prices range from average Disney sit down pricing to mid $20’s for entrees. So, it works well on a budget or if you want that mid-tier Disney dining. Third, it is a very convenient restaurant to get to. You all know the location and why it’s convenient! Last but not least, the food is pretty good. You can get anything from burgers to steaks to fish and whatever else they may feature on the menu. Overall, I highly recommend it for any type of dining experience.

Hope that helps!!!

Oh, and one other thing. The sandwiches are only served on the lunch menu. They have really different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I have never made it there for breakfast. …And I don’t know why!


We have eaten breakfast here the last 2 times we stayed at GF. Breakfast was fantastic!! We had excellent service and without an ADR for a party of 13 we only waited 15 mins to be seated.
This place is definitely an overlooked restaurant!


Wow, I am so glad I asked this question. Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: