Grand Floridian Cafe


So tell me about the lobster burger at the GF Café. Is it worth the trip?


GFC is worth it even without the lobster burger as a draw. I would order it again if we hit GFC this upcoming trip.


I see it has hollandaise. I am not a fan of hollandaise. I guess I could order it without. So, the other food is good too? I’m trying to line up a couple of places we’ve never eaten (that’s getting harder and harder) and since we’ll just be off a cruise, I’m know dh isn’t going to want to do a whole bunch of fancy restaurants. I’m thinking I could lure him in with a lobster burger.


Darlin’ it’s lobster - in Disney. What’s not to like? I’m good with dry baloney sandwiches as long as I’m ‘Home’.


I have had it… I thought it was good, but I think you should ask for the hollandaise on the side. I really liked GFC and would definitely go again. We had lunch and it was nice and quiet!




I’ll second Kim and recommend that you get it on the side. It makes the burger.

We find that GFC is great for a mid day escape from MK to:
-Cool down and recharge for a second assault of the park
-Grab a really nice late lunch/early dinner if leaving MK later in the day before heading back to the resort for pool and drink time.

And many times we have booked a ressie around 10-1100 the day we want to go and just monorail it over.


Sadly, dh would be perfectly happy with dry baloney sandwiches. I’ve never known a man who is so totally disinterested in food. It’s rather depressing.


I see a angus burger with lobster but no lobster burger


That’s what she talking bout. I had it in January and RAVED about it.


I heard just a couple of weeks ago they had done the unthinkable… they lowered the price. When that happens, that means they lowered the quality. Mousechat podcast did a review and they were highly disappointed. Even just a few months ago it was amazing according to the podcast and it had gone way down hill with the price change. I still would love to try it, but was disappointed to hear it.


Actually the prices were lowered to encourage traffic. That is the most forgotten location in all of WDW. They complain when the prices are high, complain that lowering them makes quality go down…it’s never ending. Just had clients there who loved it.


Well lower prices and no crowds. That sounds just about perfect to me!


That’s my thinking:laugh: