Grand Floridian Cafe


Hello MBers! Anyone have an reviews to share of Grand Floridian Cafe? Especially, the shrimp & grits? We have this booked during our Halloween trip and it’s our first trying it out.


For me, this has been an overlooked restaurant.
Then, once I did decide to give it a try, I haven’t been able to get a reservation.
Thanks for reminding me that I still want to give the place a try myself.
As for shrimp and grits, I’m too much of a Northerner to care for grits.


There are so many restaurants in the GF I get confused!!! Last month we had a character breakfast in 1900…never been there before and I personally felt a bit "claustrophobic"in there closed off with no windows. There was one of the restaurants closed for renovation…can’t remember which one now…but they do have a few choices there…


We ate there in July and had a wonderful dinner. Our server was very good and the food was delicious. I’m very sure we’ll be going back next summer. I was worried about not being dressed up enough but we fit in just fine in nice park clothes, everyone was casual.


We have not eaten dinner there, but we have had many a breakfast and lunch there and have always been happy.


We have tried it a few times over the years for lunch and its not bad. Ruebin sandwich is what I get. Service has always been good and never worry what you wear, its a resort. Would not wear bathing suit but just about anything else goes.


Thanks y’all! We have a list of restaurants we’ve never tried that are less popular that we want to try. We scratched #1 off a few years ago, Kona Cafe, LOVED IT! Grand Floridian Cafe is #2.