Grand Floridian Photo Shoot


Grand Floridian Photo Shoot - You can arrange for a private photo session with a Disney PhotoPass photographer at the Grand Floridian Resort. The session includes around 40 photos taken around the picturesque resort and its beach. Pricing is as follows: $49.95 for a Disney’s PhotoPass card containing your photos which can then be added to your account; $124.95 which will get you a PhotoCD with your images. If you choose to get the PhotoCD, you can save your receipt and CD and exchange it later on during your vacation for a new PhotoCD containing all of your Disney’s PhotoPass images. The only catch is you won’t be able to make enhancements to any of the photos; or bring the required proof that you pre-ordered the PhotoCD and the cost is only $25. Reports from guests who have participated in the photo sessions are overwhelmingly positive. Call 407-824-1700 to make reservations up to 30 days in advance or for additional information. These sessions may be extended to other deluxe level resorts in the future.

Has anyone ever done this? How does it work? Is it only available at the Grand Floridian?


Iv read this in someones trip report Im sure, the pictures were really nice. I think you ask at the desk in the GF and you schedule a time for your photoshoot, they take pictures of you around the hotel, e.g. on the stair case, looking out of windows, outside fooling around or posing etc. Im not sure how long it lasts for though and the style/ quiality of the pictures will probably depend on who you get. I dont know if you can ask for anyone in specific. Its something Iv thought of doing for a while but I dont think the clan would be up for it, definalty a good idea for a special occasion though or a fantatsic keepsake!


we did it on our trip in septe,ner as well. there is a thread in mousetrap i believe with info. i think my pics are there or in my trip report (that isn’t finished, oops)!

we got the discount that was offered to prepay for the cd, then just brought a printout, showing we’d already paid. we could make enhancements when we got home. it was soooo awesome! love the pics -so glad we did it!


Can someone remind me of the link to go to and get the prepaid CD? Is it still $99 or did I miss that opportunity? Also, I am not going until June-- is it too early to get it? Thanks!!


We have already pre purchased the cd, but Jen was telling that they offer this at other resorts and also at the parks, with one character included. Either way it sounds great, I would love to see some pictures from this, I am trying to decide if we should do it, and if they would still take us because our trip is only 19 days away.


Pay for me to go and I’ll take you pic’s for free.:laugh:


I have no real pictures of me and my DD together and have been trying to talk myself into this forever…maybe I’ll do it this trip. It would be nice to have a picture or two of us…have to think about it.


Thanks for this information Jen!! Most of it is contrary to what I was originally told by the woman from grand gatherings. I just called the number you provided and we’re all booked for a photo session on Feb. 5th!! It’s at the Grand Floridian (the only place they are offering it right now ~ however the CM said they will be opening this up to other areas) I’m really excited about this and I can’t believe what a value it is!!


I’d love to see the pictures, I must have missed them before.


ok, it doesn’t take much, but I am confused–photpass, photocd, prepaid, photo shoot at GF. I must have missed something here. Can someone please explain this to me? Are you talking about the little card that they give you in the parks and take pictures of you through the day at the park? Then when you get home you can add borders and stuff and then order prints. Or is the alternative to buy yhe CD with everything on there and print them yourself? So the GF thing is a separate price? AHHHHHHHHHHHH, someone please help me!!:huh: :laugh: :ohmy:


yep! you can buy a cd, with all the pics you have taken with your photopass card(s) in the parks and at the photoshoot (if you choose to go to one), make your enhancements at home, and then print them yourself/take them to be printed. you can add a photoshoot to that cd (it is on it’s own card, and when you get home and enter your cards from the parks, you enter that one as well), if you prebuy the cd or pay extra for the shoot. if you buy the cd, you can preorder, and save (use the link packerbeth gave above).

i think that covers most of the questions - i hope! :blush: we did it, and loved it!

i am sure my pics are somewhere, i’ll look for that thread…


Very nice pictures!! I booked this as well, so we will see what happens!!


What time are you going?
That’s the night we are going to the PPP. Maye there is more offerings for the Grand Gatherings? I found a link somewhere else with pictures from an actual shoot if you would like to see them


They’re beautiful!! I’m so excited about doing this!


Our appointment is at 12pm. And yes, I’d love to see the link.


We did the photos session and really enjoyed it. It was a last minute decision for us so we didn’t have a chance to refresh clothes (or makeup:crying: ) but it is an honest representation of our trip.


What an awesome photo!


So if I preorder the CD there is or isn’t an extra fee for the photoshoot at GF? If I got a really good pic from the CD I could take it to WalMart and make a Christmas card?


yes, you can take the cd to walmart, or wherever and have it printed. as far as the extra cost…there was no extra cost for us in september, i don’t know if there is now.


Is this a threadjack??? Dunno… but we also went to GF one year and saw some ladies doing absolutely incredible pastel portraits of kids over by the gingerbread house. It was really amazing! We didn’t have time to book a sitting that trip, but we did it the next year, and the portrait remains one of our most treasured mementos!

Our artist was Nancy Ganz, and though I think she retired for awhile, it would be worth seeing if she has returned! Wow, what an artist. They are all terrific! You an see samples of the works by each of them to choose the artist you like best!