Grand Floridian Pirate Cruise


I just booked this for my DD. It sounds so cute. Anyone’s kids do this? I know it has been brought up before, but I can’t remember the reviews.
What is the difference in the cruises that leave from different resorts??


I can only talk about the GF Pirate Cruise…my DS LOVED it! He has been on it twice, I might book it for our upcoming trip, just not sure yet. It is so cute! They even provide lunch, a small treasure chest with Pirates Booty and a set of Pirate Mickey Ears…the kids all seem to have a blast.


We didn’t get ears last August:mad: !!I thought they provided them but they didn’t, so I almost bought some for my boys in the park but didn’t get around to it.


They must have changed that, because my boys did get Mickey pirate ears at the GF 2 years ago. They had a good time, but my older son said it was better for younger kids.


DD went on the GF one twice and had a blast.She was 4 and 5 when she did it. We also tried the Albatross one at the yacht and beach club ( I think ). She liked the GF one better


My DS got them last August…I think he went on Wed, 8/29. Maybe they ran out when you went? :confused: My friend’s DD also just did it in April and she got the Pirate Mickey Ears then, too.


We were there about 2 weeks before you then! Oh well, they had a great time, but I do think they will be too old to do it the next time around so I am glad they got to do it last time!


How old would you recommend for this, and what is the extra cost? (Cheap momma here!) Sounds fun, I love those Pirate Mickey ears!


My son has done this twice & LOVED it. He was 6 & 8 both times. He wanted to go again last trip, but he is really tall for his age & really would have looked out of place even though the ages for the cruise are up 10. (He would have been 10 last trip.) When he was 8, he already looked like a “big kid” compared to others there. He did comment that he felt different than the others, so when he asked about it this time, I didn’t say no, but rather asked if he wouold be OK with going with younger kids, & he chose to stay with us to do more “big kid” stuff.
That said, it was worth it to see that he had so much fun when we were picking him up after the cruise. You can book it through disney dining & you can get more info on Grand Adventures for Kids
Good luck!


We have not booked it, but we are going to book it for January. DS loves pirates and stuff and I think it is definitely something special for him to do.


My DS did it at age 5…both times. The second time he went, he was almost 6. He’ll be 7 on our next trip and I am still considering it.

It costs about $28 and includes a full lunch, Pirate Mickey Ears, a small treasure chest filled with Pirates Booty (gold coins, rings, necklaces, etc)


My boys were 8 and 6 and they enjoyed it! My oldest though said he didn’t want to do it again- I think he just did it to go out on the water and for a boat ride, but my 6 y.o. is soooo into pirates!


Thanks everyone. My DD is very excited about this. She will be 7. It sounds like this is a good age for her to go.
When I booked, the CM told me it was $31.95. I am excited because while DD is (hopefully) having fun with the pirate cruise, DH and I get to have a nice breakfast at Grand Floridian Cafe!


That sounds like a PERFECT plan!!! :happy: