Grand floridian question


Does anyone know if the Grand Floridian Sugarloaf’s rooms all have balconies?



They sure do!


Yes, they all have balconies. they seemed smaller than what we had at AKL, and I am sure it was just our imagination.


check out official site. ah i luv gf


All balconies, all the time. But some of the “attic” rooms have postage sized balconies.


Ohh I love the GF. We stayed in Boca Chica. Had a wonderful view of MK. Watched wishes from our balcony every night. The electric light parade got old tho.


You know you’re really from Florida when someone mentions Boca Chica and all you can think of is Key West Naval Air Station and the fact that US 1 finally expands to 4 lanes:laugh:

It’s just cute, nothing special.