Grand Floridian


Does any one hav epics of this years gingerbread house?


I will when my DW and DS arrive home today. I will post them asap


I have several but I am not smart enough to post them. :blush:


I’ve got some from a few years ago on the day they were taking it down.
It’s a real wooden building and the gingerbread is more like aluminum siding.
The garbage can is filled with gingerbread.


Last years…it doesn’t change much. :laugh:


Here’s a pic of this year’s house that my DF and DM took on their trip in November. It’s a little blurry (taken by my DM w/my DF’s phone) hope you can make it out okay.


I don’t see how it can change at all, other than color.
They’re pretty much locked in by the house underneath, unless they want to build a new house.
Say something from the Bauhaus school instead of Victorian.
(A Bauhaus gingerbread house?:blink:)


Here are a few pics from this years gingerbread house.


Thanks for the Pics


it looks amazing! I could move in there! :laugh:


Just great! I love it


I really wish we had gone to see this when we went just after Christmas a few years back!! It looks amazing, I can’t even remember why we didn’t go! We are very silly people lol