Grand Gatherings Info


Has anyone ever experienced any of the Grand Gathering Events? We were considering doing one these for our summer trip next year but are unsure which one we would like to do. Anyone who has any feedback on this, please share!:happy:


there has to be 8 in your party.


Haven’t done any of the events.

FYI - You need 8 in your party to quality for a grand gathering and you can make ADR’s 10 days earlier than a regular vacation booking.


I knew you needed 8 in your party. Our next trip we will have 8 or 9 with us so we would qualify. We are bringing my cousin and her son and my Mother.(and maybe our aunt) Since we have never had 8 in our party before this, we never bothered looking into this option, but now I’m trying to figure out if its worth it.

I didn’t know you could make your ADRs earlier though. Cool!:cool:

Anyone who has done this though, I would love to hear about their experiences!:happy:


Bumping this! :goofybounce: Come on MBers, has anyone done some Grand Gatherings to share with me?:huh:


We did it once and my opinion, “Grand Gatherings” is no big deal. If you choose to do it, you probably won’t notice anything different than if you chose not to. About the only thing you might notice different is the meals, they will try to seat you at one big table, maybe. We’ll have 8 people in Oct. and we said no to it. But I don’t want to discourage you from trying it. Disney CM’s will be very persistant in wanting you to do things together, and sometimes you might want to be alone, if you know what I mean.


On the other hand, if you are trying to get adjoining or connecting rooms this is a good way to do that. I guess it all depends on the relationship between you and the other people. If you are family it might be good, but if you are just friends you might not want connecting rooms.


Thanks Joseph! I guess it might be helpful in trying to get the rooms together. We are all pretty close and will be doing almost everything together. It will be my Mom, my cousin and her young son and DH, the 3 boys and I.

The different experiences they talk about just look like they might be added costs for similar activities we already participate in. I just wanted to know if it was worth investing more $$$ into these or use it for something like tickets for Cirque du Soleil instead.


We did a Grand Gatherings in Nov 2006 with my in-laws and a friend and her family (15 in all). We did do a couple of character breakfasts, Chef Mickey’s & Donald’s Breakfastosaurus. But it was a little difficult to get everyone on board for the extra cost of the fireworks cruise and the other choices that escape my mind right now :blush: Although we did do MVMCP on the same night and would just catch up during the evening to see the fireworks or the parade if possible.

We did get rooms in the same section and floor, but they were not adjoining. If you do get adjoining rooms, you could just close your portion of the door for privacy.

Everyone agreed to keep the plans loose, so that we could all get to do the things we wanted to.


We did the fireworks cruise a few years ago and enjoyed it very much!


Grand Gatherings have a team of specially trained reservation agents who can help book everything from priority seating for group dining, rooms, etc. ~ did you use this service to schedule your ADRs and book your rooms?

If so, how did it work?:huh:


Yes we did use the Grand Gathering team to book the room and ADR’s. They will give you a Grand Gathering ID number and the main person of your travel party will have the privilege of getting all of the guest names (first and last), ages, and who will be staying in each room. There may be a bit more. I will look for my notes from the planning book.

And you can make your ADR’s if needed at that time, if it falls in the how ever many days window for reservations. Sorry, my mind is a bit out of whack tonight :blink: Just make sure you have your ID number whenever you call. I did call at a later date to make the ADR’s.

You can also create a travel itinerary page on the Disney vacation planning web-site. We didn’t end up using it. It’s probably a great site, but it was just easier to send regular emails with our plans and dining info.


Couple of questions for ya…

:mickey: Did you book directly through Disney or use a TA?

:mickey: I noticed you said in your previous post that you had rooms on the same floor, could they book rooms together/adjoining if you asked?


Okay, I have my notes. When I called to make the room ressies, each room had their own room res number. The only thing I’m unsure of is if each room had to pay a separate deposit. I have notes off to the side of who paid and what card was used.

Also, I vaguely remember needing addresses for each person as well. Disney sends out the trip planning envelope with some information ahead of the trip. It’s usually when I get super excited!!!


I did just the rooms through Disney Grand Gatherings.

Yes, you can ask for adjoinng rooms. Our room did not adjoin to my in-laws, but my DF had an adjoining room in the same area, just not right next to our rooms.


Thanks Tinkfan! I will definitely use the service for scheduling, but still not sure of the special activities yet.


No problem. Love to be of help!!!

The special activities were a bit pricey for me. That’s just my opinion though. And my in-laws weren’t too interested. Maybe get the pricing and let your group know what and how much. It was just easier for us to do a character meal. We all got to sit together and eat, who dosen’t love that!!:laugh: :laugh:


I agree! Who dosen’t love character meals! :wub:

I think if we were to spend the extra $$ it would probably be for something like the Hoop dee doo or La Nouba.


We went with different families in different years and once they (Disney) “link” you together with these other families names you can’t get them separated from your name. When we make new ressies they always ask “what about so and so” and we reply “please take them off the list” and they say “we can’t”. Just something we’ve encountered.