Grand Gatherings?


Ok. We are eligable to do these Grand Gatherings since ther are 356292 of us going lol (really 13). Now. What do you recomend we do. My sister’s sister in law recomended this

International Dinner & Illuminations Dessert Reception

This event is hosted by “Auntie Roz” at Epcot’s Odyssey Restaurant. Served buffet style, this International dinner features the cuisine from five different nations.

While enjoying your meal, storytelling and live musical entertainment is provided. This event features some of your favorite Disney Characters who join the guests on the dance floor.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, just let Auntie Roz know and she’ll take it from there.

Once you’ve enjoyed your evening of food and fun, you’re escorted to a reserved viewing area for the nightly “Illuminations: Reflections of Earth” where a delicious dessert buffet is served.

and this

Magical Fireworks Voyage

This Grand Gathering event begins with cookies, snacks and beverages before you “set sail” on your magical voyage where you’ll have prime viewing of the Magic Kingdom’s “Wishes” and “Electrical Water Pageant.”

Before you board, none other than Captain Hook and his hapless first-mate Mr. Smee arrive for some mayhem and photos. Your host for the night is “Patch” a pirate of dubious distinction. As you sail along the Seven Seas Lagoon, Patch will have you singing along and challenge you to some Disney Trivia.

Your “ship will set anchor” at the perfect spot overlooking the Magic Kingdom to view “Wishes”. From there you return to the pier while Patch regales you with the story of Peter Pan. When you arrive, you’ll see that none other than Peter himself is there to greet you.

As with all Grand Gatherings experiences, birthdays and special occasions will be noted.

We have the dinning plan so I think that the first is a definate. But do you think that we should do the second. Has anyone else done them?? Are they worth it??? Thanks!!!


We are able for the grand gathering as well with 11 of us and I had the same question as you:huh:
I still don’t even know wwhat grand gathering is except they will try their best to have the rooms and tables together!!!


The dinner and Illuminations dessert reception sounds like fun. We’ve done the Wishes Cruise Grand Gathering. It’s fun, there are desserts and pirates. There will be other grand gathering groups with you, but they’ll keep your group together.


Are the Grand Gatherings covered by the dining plan?

We qualified for Grand Gatherings last year but didn’t do any of the specials. The idea was that the travel was more coordinated but didn’t work that way in the end. Plus, they couldn’t accomodate us at one of the character meals even though it said it would online. Said they couldn’t guarantee that we would all sit together.

I had wanted to do the one at Animal Kingdom though. Sounded neat. Good luck!


Wow. I think both of those sound terrific!!


when we did the grand gatherings thing the dining plan was not included in this- we found it better to just get a large dining table at a place that we allagreed to- We also did the Hoop de Doo which at the time was only one dining credit (now it takes two) As for the special cruises, they were a seperate cost and not everyone in our group wanted to do it so it was canned in the last stages of the planning. I think that now that we have done so many other things that we would definately do it now- but only if we could get more of our group to join us.


According to the girl who is planning the trip. The Illumination’s is included. (in the dinning plan. It takes 2) But the Wishes isn’t. I think we are going to wind up doing both. =)


I would call to confirm that just in case- you never know and it would be something I would definately want to know ahead o time!


yes they can be part of your dining plan. In 2005 we did Illuminations and the Animal Kingdom one. Both were fanastic!!! So much we are doing the other 2 this time. Will let you know how they go.


I would recomend our own Dana and her
Pixie she is a pro of all things
Disney! Give her a try!:happy:


We are a grand gatherings party for our feb. trip. I’ve been told repeatedly that there is no special treatment available at the restaurants or resorts as far as our tables/rooms being close together. Several of our ADRs (for 12) are for two or more tables. I don’t really understand what the point is of grand gatherings other than the few special events ~ most of which are not available while we are there :glare: Check out Safari Celebration ~ this is something we would like to have done, but it is not available during our trip.


ok we are back and the Fireworks cruise and the tony’s breakfast are just as good as the other two. With the fireworks you meet up with captain hook and he takes you to your ship. Before hand you get cookies, soda coffee, and all kinds of snacks. Bring a bag to carry them in, you can take as much as you like. We took some for the plane ride home.
Tony’s Breakfast was at Tony’s, to the left as you enter park. All you can eat breakfast. Tony comes and greets you and then charecters come from table to table to do pictures. With a surprise Mickey vist at the end. All of the gatherings are worth the extra. We used the dining plan for Tony’s.