Grand Gatherings


Not sure if this is in the right place but…

We are in the midst of planning our next WDW with the whole family:happy: Since there 15 of us, we thought we’d look into the Grand Gatherings offerings.
Has anyone had experience with Grand Gatherings? If so, what events did you do? Do you feel it was worth it/something you’d highly recommend?

Any input is greatly appreciated!:flowers:


We’ve done the Illuminations Dinner (and are doing it again next week) and we enjoyed it. It is basically a buffet of food, some crazy lady announcing all the families, a dance with a character (good for smaller kids, ours had goofy last time) then the best is the outdoor dessert reception…Yummy…and a great view of Illuminations! The building is a little older, but we enjoyed it.

We also did the fireworks cruise with captain hook…it was fun…a nice way to see the fireworks and meeting peter pan at the end was great. I think this is offered to everyone now, not just grand gatherings. Good luch


we did a safari dinner and had a ton of fun! that was back in 2004 though so i don’t know if they still offer it. we got to meet rafiki, timon and terk. got up close with a snake and tarantula and took an evening safari.


Sorry, I’ve never used it before, we’ve thought about it before. I’m excited to hear what everyone knows.

My family should use it… there’s 13 of us and we usually bring a friend (my mom refuses to travel with an unlucky number… hahaha.) Isn’t she cute? :blush:

THATS a grand gather for sure!! Could be really useful!


Thanks so much for your input everyone:) I think we’ve just decided to go it without the Grand Gathering thing. We’ll see if this changes…but right now we’ll just be a smaller size group having a ball!:goofybounce: