Grand Villa Suggestions


We will be booking a Grand Villa in SSR. Any building suggestions?


No, no suggestion, just a lot of jealousy :tongue:


Heehee…I was thinking the same thing!:cool:


dangit, I should have waited for you to put yourself out there instead of me :pinch:


The pitfalls of being in the EST zone:laugh:


I suggest NOT the same building as us… ha ha ha ha ha-

I had to- I just had to…


I am very insistant about staying in “the Springs.” We’ve stayed in Springs twice now & I’d never stay in another building again. You can literally walk out your door & go across the street to the main pool, restaurants, arcade/member club house, bike rental, etc. It’s still quiet & the boat to DtD, along with buses are nearly at your front door too. Easy peasy, LOVE “the Springs!”


OMG, your avatar. How adorable. :wub:


Congress Park! I think all the Grand Villas overlook the river and you’re just a hop, skip and jump from the Marketplace. And just a nice walk up the river path to the lobby and main pool.


We stayed at The Springs last June and it is very nice and convenient. But this time we are going in Dec and I doubt there will be much pool usage.

So I was thinking about the out lands of Congress park. Just a short walk from Capt. Jack’s and DtD. But not every buidlng has a GV.


One that has a special wing for me…since I will be the parade supervisor for you…your agent of sorts, I would like my own quarters. Someone has to make sure all your parade demands are met and who better to do it than me?:laugh:


:laugh: :laugh:


Wing = pull out couch
Parade demands = you cook breakfast
Would like own quarters = ok, but I get your dollars


Take it! Dana take it!
you get free accomodations, pop tarts are cheap and easy and if you use monopoly dollars he will never notice the difference… your golden! Do it!



Definetly not the carousel buildings. They are all the way up by the main entrance, and the walk to the main building and pool was about 10 minutes. Which stinks when you think you are only going to your main building. A 10 minute walk in the parks is fine, but not at your resort. :ohmy:


Tut -tut. Too late.


I would say the Springs! Then Congress Park.


Agree 100% - and they’re noisy too - with the buses shifting gears at the resort entrance until 2 a.m. and the highway just a few steps away. I actually spoke to a manager about this - for the price you pay, you shouldn’t have a room that feels like a Econotel on a major highway.


I am looking to get in to the out side Bldg of Congress. A short walk to Capt Jack’s. And if I get into OKW, I know someone who knows someone who gave me some tips on where to score a good suite.

My situation may be, though, they will be picked over and I’ll get stuck with a motel 6.


So what did you get?

oops, I sent this off too late.