Grand Villa Views


We will be staying at a Boardwalk Grand Villa in 43 days!!!

Are all the Grand Villas in the same area??? Do all have the same views???



Yes, all are in the same area and all have pretty much the same view, a view of nothing.
Well, the main building, trees, and a quiet pool. Don’t expect park views or water views here.


I saw a video on youtube of the Grand Villa and it overlooked the Boardwalk…:confused:

Just curious if they all overlooked the Boardwalk???


Huh, I would have thought the grand villa’s had a better view than that. You pay the most money for that villa over the others. While I was at Disney in the end of August the Boardwalk was under refurbishment. I hope you don’t get stuck with that view.


I have never stayed in a Grand Villa so I can’t answer your question but I just wanted to say I am SO jealous because they look AMAZING! I don’t think it would hurt to call the Boardwalk Villas and ask which views are available.