Gratuity- Dining Plan- Can you charge the gratuity to your room?


I saw people were talking about when to pay it, can you charge it to your room card?


Oh ya, just tell um how much and sign away.


Yep, use your key to the magic! :happy:


you can use your room key or cash either way I don’t think they will have a problem taking it


I will never ever use my room key linked to my credit card. Last Dec I had my credit card linked and my DD and nephew spent $200 at the pin store in DTD. They asked if they could go in and look around. I said sure why not as I sat out on a bench. Low and behold they came out with cans of the aliens pins from toy story. Each tin is a mystery. I asked them where they got the idea to use the room key and my nephew said everyone else card was giving them free pins :laugh: well…I can laugh about it now.


Yeah, I wouldn’t blame you there. LOL. My daughter is 6 and that card isn’t’ going NEAR her hand. LOL. She would definitely figure out it was like a credit card. lol.


To quote something from last year:

“Yes we can”.

In fact, it’s pretty much the default for dining plan guests.


You can have your daughter’s card, or anyone else’s card for that matter, set so that there are no charging privileges, leaving her with a card that only opens the room and works her park ticket.


Yes, thats exactly how we handle it. No charging privileges for the kids.


yeap only mine and my DW have that priv. when we stay there…and yes you most definately can use it to tip if you wish or use it like a credit/debit card would be used anywhere else there…


My cousin ended up with a huge bill when she put a credit card on her room key. Her daughter thought they were on a Disney shopping spree! I have never put a credit card on mine. It’s just too much temptation to spend more!


No charging previleges for me either, I am no good :closedeye


We were on the dining plan last year but I paid with cash or my credit card for the tip at every restaurant… Nice to know I can do it this year. Just never thought of doing it last year.


Oh that’s fantastic! I’ll have to tell DH that. It’ll make things so much easier if we can pay ONE bill at the end. I knew you could make any other purchase but I didn’t know you could put JUST gratuity on it.


We always use our room key for all our purchases including all our gratuities. It is simpler for us to only have to worry about using the one card and we find it is easier to check over our bill at the end of our stay rather than waiting a month later and checking our credit card statement and trying to remember what each charge was for.

Our kids are too young to carry their own cards around, so we don’t have to worry about the charging right now. But, when my sister and I were younger, our parents just gave us the card without charging privleges.
As we got older and started to go off on our own a bit more, we were given cards for charging, but only for “emergencies”. It was a good learning tool for us to learn the responsibility of spending and safer for us than carrying cash around.


I only have my credit card linked to MY room key. If DH wants to charge, he needs to use his own credit card; I’m funny that way. I pay for my own card…of course, it’s his paycheck.


That doesn’t make sense. Especially if he’s the one writing the checks to pay.
That and whose name is the room in anyway?


So, if you’re in a group your card can only be linked to one credit card? You can’t link seperate cards to seperate accounts? I’m just curious because it will be myself and three friends traveling together, and I’m thinking we’re going to have to figure out who’s credit card we’re gonna use :dry:


Me too!!
I never thought of doing it either…also the other thing is, i like to check out knowing i don’t owe any MORE money :crying:


The kids never get charging privlidges on their cards…LOL…Can you imagine a 15 year old with a charge card and a shopping addiction? I’d be broke for a few years paying it off!!! LOL