Great article about John Lasseter


A quote from the article at cnnmoney

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to have all these new roles. I do what I do in life because of Walt Disney - his films and his theme park and his characters and his joy in entertaining. The emotional feeling that his creations gave me is something that I want to turn around and give to others.”

I think somewhere out there, Walt is smiling right now.


OM! Hey you!!! I havent seen you in what feels like forever. Thanks for the article. I hope you get on here more. I miss both you and your DW. :heart:


Hi Dana. Thanks.

I have been lurking around and posting the very occasional comment. My DW says hi.

By the way, you will be arriving at WDW the same day we fly back. :sad:


Thanks for that link mmouse671!

(Yeah…I think Walt is smiling too!)


Are you kidding me? This happened the last time. I flew out the day you arrived last time right? Sheesh!


Oh wow, I forgot about that. Guess I will have to get the dates for our next trip approved through you first.


What an amazing article, thank you SO MUCH for posting this. I always had a small hope in Iger, that he would give Disney the makeover it needs and not just be there for the money. I’m still grinning from reading it!

Twas also interesting to read about Lasseter. I love the Pixar movies.

“We’ve got hiiigh hopes…”