Great Deal on AirTran


O.k am I being really cheap?? I found a rate of $69.00 one way on AirTran from Baltimore to Orlando. MY family of four can fly roundtrip for $628.40. This is almost what we paid last year but I found a lower rate of $49.00. Should I book this???


$49.00 is a great rate book it-Fast :happy:


Why are you even asking?? BOOK THE $49 RATE! WHOO HOO!!! Now it’s ALL coming together!!! :cool:


The $49 was last year. This year its $69.00.


Sorry, I missed understood. :happy: I still think $69.00 is a great rate. I’m paying $196.30 per person this year, from last year’s price of $160.50. (also in May).I think a lot of the increase has to do with gas going up. Did you book it?


Not yet but I’m itchin to. I think I’m going to pull out the ole American Depress today and do it.


Dreamer, I am watching that price also. The downside is they are not very flexible if you need to change. I am still waiting to see with what Southwest will come. (But the price I am watching for June ATran is $84.) $69 is never bad.


The only thing I don’t like about Southwest is the seating arrangements. When I flew with them before it was just DW and I and seating wasn’t a problem. I don’t want us to be separated during the flight and I don’t want to rush to be one of the first to get a A ticket either.


What’s the deal with the seating arrangements? I just booked a SW flight from Chicago/Midway to Orlando on 6/9 last night. I thought it said I could go online 24 hours before the flight to print boarding passes. Won’t I be able to choose seats then? We’ve got 3 kids and need to be sitting near each other!


Maybe its changed but you cannot pick the seats ahead of time. They board according to how people check in. They have a A line, B line and C line. When they call your letter everyone lines up if they aren’t already and once you board you pick your seat according to what’s available, so basically if there is an empty seat take it. I like to have my seating assigned so there is no rush or confusion.


I usually fly SW and we have never had trouble sitting together even when we got line c and there are 5 of us. Most people will switch seats to let you sit together if they are travelling alone,etc. If you print out your boarding pass in advance it should assure you line a or the first seating but as I said we have never had any problems. Sometimes I wish my kids could sit with someone else and DH and I could sit about 20 rows back and pretend they don’t belong to us! LOL


I tried AirTran yesterday for our dates. Still way more than I want to pay from Boston. Still hoping Southwest will release those June dates . . . . .


Book the $49…that is an awesome price! That $20 extra dollars to spend while you are there.


Wow I’m surprised its still expensive considering your trip is in June. I think I need to jump on this before its gone.


I’d say so. I flew AirTran a few years ago, and they lost my luggage so I vowed I’d never fly them again. But at those prices, I had to check!! (Every other airline is so high right now!!) Unfortunately, they’re sold out of that rate for the flights back from Orlando to Philly. :frowning:


PrP, try BWI, It’s bit more of a drive for you, but right now Air tran has $84. non stop to Orlando. Me? I’m waiting for SW. They told me they will open the June window come Feb.


With Southwest you can log on the night before and check in (@$hr before the flight) and you will get and (A) Boarding pass. If you have kids under 4 you get to go on first no matter what (A,B, or C) pass you have. I would jump all over $69 if it was me. You might see $59 but I doubt you will see $49 this year.

As for flying with kids, I think I am going to do like Karliebug. As we are boarding I will drop off one of my kids at the first empty seat I find and DW and I will go and sit in the back. “Here Q, sit by this nice young man, I am sure he won’t mind watching you for the next two hours.”


and cincy, remember to tell the young man, “It’s ok, the doctor said the infection won’t be communicable tomorrow.”


Boss, that word has entirely to many syllables. I was just going to take DWs lipstick and give the kids some chicken pox. That sure clear out a row real quick.


I love BWI, its only 7 minutes from my house.