Great Disney Streaming Audio Site


Hi, I found a great streaming Disney audio site. I thought you guys might like to check it out.


Great site thanks!!!


Good find!


Nice Website. I wish I could listen to the music, the playlist looks awesome! But when I click to listen it says that the file could not be played :frown: . I’ll try to figure it out.
Joe :mickey:


It doesnt work on mine either… :frowning: will try to see what is going on… but thank you!! Im sure I will get it… :smiley:


Here is an update from the Subsonic Radio webmaster as posted in another forum…

"Just an FYI, someone has been gracious enough to donate some bandwith. We upped the ante to a 64kbs stream with 20 listeners and added 6 listeners to the 24kbs stream which brings it to 10.

It’s still in testing phase so I have left my own 10 56kbs streams up for now.

You can access these links at my site:

There’s no commercials. Well, other than the occasional too quiet web ad I have which I hope will bring people to the forums.

Happy Listening…"
Your streaming source for Disney Theme Park Audio and Music


Cool - I really enjoyed them yesterday (until I got kicked off!) and was on the phone with Disney who asked about the music I was listening to, so it was fun to share.

It’s a great alternative to some of the others, who’ve gone commercial. I hope they do well.


I love this site!! I’m listening to the Haunted Mansion track right now-it takes you through the entire attraction, and it’s better than being on the ride because the sound system on the ride is kinda “crackly”, I guess because it’s so old. I have a question though-does anyone know if the voice of Madame Leota (the head inside the crystal ball in the HM) is also the voice of Malificent (the evil fairy in Sleeping Beauty)?? The similarities in the voices is uncanny!!


The site is fantastic! I have been opening it up and keep it playing while I spend time at DC or surf the Net. A user can only select two sound bites every 15 minutes, but there are evidently plenty of folks choosing songs, sounds, etc. to keep it going! There are sound from the parks (monorail, entrance music to Epcot, theme songs, parades, rides, etc. Thanks for finding it.


I can’t get the site to play. Any help would be nice


Wow! That site is awesome!!!
Right now I’m listening to something from Animal Kingdom. Meh. The other stuff so far has been great, though!
All I did was click on the link that said “Listen (64K)” and my Winamp player started playing it.



Somewhat related (I guess?), I just downloaded the iTunes browser (haven’t bought anything yet) and they have a Disney category, and near as I can tell, they have just about any song from any Disney movie ever made. Good stuff if you want songs from these soundtracks and not the whole cd.



I could not get the site to work for me either… I guess I am not doing something right.


For those of you who cannot get the site working, make sure you have a streaming audio client.

For Macintosh, download iTunes.

For Windows, download iTunes, or download the full version of Winamp.

You should then be able to click on one of the “Listen” links to hear the audio stream. For dial-up connections, use the 24k stream. For DSL, and Cable internet connections, use either stream.


Update from Subsonic,

"I’ve added a lot of songs since my last post, one of those songs is the in flight music for Soarin’

Check the recently added section.

The server’s been quite stable lately as well. People shouldn’t have a problem connecting.

I still plan on putting up a “connections problem” page."


I finally got the site to work and ohh is it cool. I strongly suggest you check it out if you can.


Yeah, I love that site, I have a shortcut to the “play” link on my desktop, and whenever I’m at my computer I’m listening! Plus you can request songs, and they usually play as the next song.



Hey All!

Sub has added a schedule feature to the web site. At certain times of the day, specific themes of Disney music will play. Check it out at:

and give him some ideas on what music you would like scheduled.

hmmm…maybe a Magic Kingdom Monday?


I have not been able to get it to work on my computer yet… we did just get dsl… but I think I must be missing a program or something to make it work… Oh well the story of my life… LOL…


Thanks for the site!