Great Disney's California Adventure wallpaper pictures!


These are REALLY nice and downloadable!

Disney and more: Great Disney’s California Adventure wallpaper pictures !


Those are nice, thanks!


Those are awesome!


What beautiful pictures! I especially like the night time ones- thanks for the link.


Thanks for giving me a Disneyland fix… :wub: :mickey:

Not sure if it will replace my Expendability wallpaper though… :blush:


Great pics, thanks for the link. I can’t wait to go there someday.


Oh me too, me too!! :happy:


Very nice!

I especially like the fourth one down – great nighttime shot. :wub:

Sigh…it’s gonna be a long wait until October…:laugh: :blush:


Thanks for the link. :smile: makes me want to start out own thread for our own DLR backgrounds, haha…Im a dork I know :tongue:


Great pics! The night time shots are my favorite. I hope we can go there someday.


What a great bunch of pics. have’nt been there yet, going in Aug 08 only for a couple of days. Anyone have suggestions for which rides are a Must for DL having been to DW already?


In the event you would like more wallpapers from Disneyland and Disney World check out:

Disney Desktops @


Thanks! :smile: