Great Kids Club at Typhoon Lagoon...and it's FREE!


Hi there, guys! Just wanted to let you all know about this new Kids Club they have now at Typhoon Lagoon. You can sign up at your Concierge desk when you check in. It fills up pretty quickly, so register your kiddos as soon as possible! It’s for kids 5-12 (I think) and it is TOTALLY FREE. You drop your kids off at 10am and pick them up at 2pm. There is a whole area dedicated to this new kids club. It’s behind the Leaning Palms counter service. Nathaniel did this and absolutely LOVED it!!! They had a Radio Disney DJ there, they danced, sang, played games (regular games and water games) had a treasure hunt and got to take home TREASURE! They each got a beach bucket and pirate gear, too! (patch, bandana) OH, they also provide a FULL lunch for the kids, too! Two appetizers, an entree, dessert and a drink. It was AWESOME!!! Nathaniel had a Grilled Cheese Pretzel and he loved it.

If you plan on attending Typhoon Lagoon, check this out! It was great fun! :pirate:


Thanks for sharing, that sounds great.


Wow! Do the parents have to be at TL too, or is this some kind of outing?


That is wonderful!! I hope they still have it next August!! Our kids are at the age where they are not really sure of some of the bigger slides–soooooooo… we could take them to the kids club and go hit the waterslides??? Hooray if that is how it works!!!


Wow! Thats great! I hope they still have it next spring, I think DGD would love that.


This is such a great idea!!!

Since I don’t have any kids young enough anymore, we better borrow a few from the neighbors for our next trip!


Thanks for the information!! I am sure there are tons of people who could take advantage of this!!


How great is that! We were just at TL a few weeks ago, I wish I knew then, lol.


The parents have to be there. A parent (or guardian) has to sign them up, fill out a few forms and present the slip when you pick up your child. I couldn’t fine mine, and they wouldn’t release my son! Eugene remembered it was in the locker, so he ran and got it. :biggrin:


From the sounds of it, it seems like it will continue if it is successful. They have big plans for TL and this program. And yes…you guys can go on the big water slides while the kiddos have fun at the club! :biggrin:


Seems they JUST started this program. When we went to TL on Sat 8/25, they were handing out flyers about the program ALL OVER THE PARK. It’s in the beginning stages and they really want to draw people there!


That is so great only 2.5 more years till my ds will be able to sign up!


Thanks for the info, iluvwdw!! It will be fun for my husband and I to ride the slides and enjoy the park without having to worry if the kids are having fun since they will be-- in the kids club!! My kiddos will be 5 and 7, so they will surely enjoy this!!


Does anyone know if this is still going on? I hope so!


I am fascinated by this!!! Great idea, and maybe we ought to have another kid so they can go there…

OK, maybe not, but I still lvoe the idea!


Thanks! I am going there this weekend and would love to sign my kids up!!!