Great last-minute rates for Labor Day Weekend


Just thought I’d share that I was looking on Expedia, and the moderates are running (standard view) only $96 a night. It’s listed as a “special rate.” There’s availability in POFQ, POR, CBR, and CSR.

We were trying to see if we could get down to the World for the weekend, but unfortunately, there are no Allegiant Air (cheap - runs about $30/flight!) flights leaving Saturday morning. :crying:


SHHHHH!!! Don’t tell anyone!! This is my favorite time to go because the parks are usually empty!! I guess it is because most people have had their summer vacations and are back to school.


We were throwing the idea around too!! We could have gotten a flight for 79/each way too… but sadly…my car is in need of some new tires and that outweighed booking that flight…:sad: