GREAT Matterhorn Insight Graphic from OC Gregister


Here is a great picture from an Article the OC Register published in honor of the Matterhorn’s 50th Anniversary last week. Enjoy the picture, its very interesting for those who don’t know much about the Matterhorn Attraction at Disneyland or just want to learn a bit more/see a great picture!

Matterhorn turn 50 - News -

This is the actual Article:


Hehe, Tinkerbell’s break room! Thanks for the link, it was really neat to see the “insides.”


very cool!! ive never been there but it is definately on my list of things to do!!!
i love seeing all the ‘inside stuff’ that they have built into the rides.


she’s a busy girl ya know! and those fairies are so small,they tire quickly!:happy:


Very cool:) I think it’s neat that Tink has a place to chill!


I can’t believe she lost 47 lbs in 12 weeks.


Thanks, that was so cool.


Good point!:happy:


I should sign up for that job!!!:blink:


I dont get it?


Cool info. Um, what’s up with the basketball court? :blink:


The Basketball Court was installed a long time ago for CM’s and the Mountain Climbers to use while on break up in the top of the mountain.


Craziness! :biggrin:


I know right? Thats SOOO something you would find at Disneyland, I love it :tongue:


That was such a cool link Tim, thanks!! It’s cool to get an idea what it would be like to X-ray it from the outside.


Thanks Tim, very cool!


I have never been on the ride… I can’t believe I missed it on my only trip to DL – way back in the 80s. It’s kind of always bugged me that I have never been on.


Welllllll…then I suppose thats a great reason for you to come back out to California to go back to DLR again! :tongue:


:eek: It’s one of my ALL TIME faves! :wub:

You simply must come back. :wink: