Great Movie Ride experts needed


this posted over on another board:

There’s one scene in the INTRO to the ride, where an african american man is lunged upon by some kind of a cat or panther type thing… anyone know what that movie was? We already wiki’d the ride, and there’s a list of movies, but we aren’t getting a definitive list for the PREVIEW to the ride… thanks in advance!


Ummm, the only thing I can REMOTELY think of is during the Tarzan jungle scene where there are some men in loin clothes & some animals in there. I don’t really know what you mean by “INTRO” 'cause to me the intro to that ride is where you get into your vehicle & the guide gives the opening spiel in the “Hooray for Hollywood” room. Otherwise, no clue, can’t recall any men being pounced on by big cats. haha


Do you mean the movie that is playing when standing in line to get on the ride?


The only thing that comes to mind is Tarzan and in that shot, the actor does look very dark and could maybe, if you rushed by at 60 mph, look like and African-American, but only then.


the poster said it was at the beginning of the ride, so it may be either standing in line, or waiting for the physical movement of the ‘train’ . not sure.