Great Movie Ride


Just curious… Does anyone have a list of the movies from the movie clip finale?


I think there was a thread about some MB’ers watching the movies. Do a general search for the thread.


It’s changed a few times over the years…it’s my favorite part of the ride.


ok I found it on youtube and I can name most of them, but can anyone tell me what movie the clip is from at 20:40 on the left? I know I should know but I don’t. Thanks it’s driving me crazy! YouTube - Great Movie Ride Disney MGM Studios Florida


I do enjoy the ending to the ride. I think I enjoy the music more than the movies though. Probably because I always fall asleep during movies!


I think it’s the eternally gorgeous James Dean (as Jett Rink) in “Giant.”


Thank you! Thank You! I don’t know why but it was killing me not being able to figure it out. We tried to name as many films as possible and I couldn’t get that one!

:laugh: Is there a medical term for those of us this obsessed with Disney?:laugh:


Sanity at its best:laugh::laugh::laugh: