GREAT news! We GOT Boardwalk for August!


For anyone who read my “no boardwalk for me” thread… well, Guess what…

:heart: WE GOT BOARDWALK!!! :heart:

I called this morning at 9am when member services opened and I was able to get Boardwalk for my dates in August!!! So we cancelled the Saratoga one and now I am staying at Boardwalk!! Yay! I was SO excited!! I REALLY REALLY wanted our first WDW DVC trip to be there!!! Who says they don’t believe in wishing upon stars… PPPPSSSSSHHHTTT!!!

:wub: :tongue: :closedeye :cool: :happy: :wink: :heart: :excl: :laugh: :flowers: :rolleyes: :whistling :phone: :biggrin: :mickey: :smile:

Anyway, so my final trips plans for '06 are…

August 19th-26th: Boardwalk Villas

November 8th-11th: Saratoga Springs (and I requested the Springs building)


Congrats to you wish. That is so awesoome!!!


Congrats to you. Isn’t it great when something like that happens???


WHOO HOO!!! Is this a standard view room?? I know those are hard to come by!

WAY TO GO!!! Your plans sound AWESOME!!! :tongue:


Good for you!!


Congrats Wish!! The Boardwalk looks like a fantastic resort! Can I borrow that star of yours some time?? I want some wishs to come true. :tongue:


Yay for Wish! I’m so glad you got what you were wishing for!


That is great news wish! Have fun for me to!


That is so exciting!!! I’m so glad your first DVC experience will be the way you wanted it!


YIPPEE!!! I’m so happy for ya…glad it worked out:P


I just read up on all of this saga this morning and SSR vs OKW etc. Now, well I guess none of that matters! Woo Hoo!


YEA!!! I knew Member Services would come through for you.


You’re going to have the best time! We were @ Boardwalk for 2 nights in Sept. and it was AWESOME!


[cheese alert]
All you need if Faith, Trust and a little bit of Pixie dust…and Dreams really do come true :crying: :heart:
hee hee


Congrats Wish!!!


Congrats!!! I am so excited for you!!! Wohooo!!!



I’m glad you got what you wanted, girl!


congrats for you.



We’ll be at the BWV in May. I’ll let you know all about the place.


YEAHHHHHHHHH! So happy for you Wish! I guess you can ignore my last reply on your sad thread! See, it really is the most magical place on earth!! Have a blast!


Yay!!! I was hoping things would change for you! My first pick would have been BWV too!! YAY!!!