Great News!


I am so excited right now! My parents are going to come visit me at the end of January!

When I left, I didn’t think they would be able to come since they don’t have a lot of money and airfare is expensive from Utah. But after looking into the great resort discounts and free park tickets I got for starting the college program early, they have decided to come! It’s going to be their first time ever visiting Disney World and they will also be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary at the same time. So I have lots of planning to do for them since I have been made the official trip planner. :biggrin:

So far, this is the plan: They will be arriving on January 19 and will be spending 5 nights at the Pop Century (I got a great rate of $264 total including tax!). I need to make some ADRs for us, so I really need to get thinking about this.

Anyways, I just thought I would share my excitement because I already miss my family so much! And since it’s their first time ever here, I want to make it a great trip for them. So if you have any good ideas, be sure to throw them in! :happy:


Ginger that is awesome news. What a nice surprise to start off the new year. Seeing your parents see WDW for the first time is going to be awesome.


Wow! What a cool belated Christmas gift! Everyone is a winner. Let us know what you plan for your parents. DW and I were there in March for our 5th anniversary. It was a blast!


I’m so happy for you! Are you already planning what to do with them?


Great news! Hope all goes well with the planning.


AWESOME NEWS!!! They must be so excited…almost as excited as you…HA!

What kind of “help” or suggestions are you looking for?


That is so great! I know you must miss them as I’m sure they are missing you. I can’t wait to hear about your plans and hopefully help[ with some ADR choices. Please let me know if I can assist in any way. Congrats to you and your parents. 25years? That’s wonderful!!!


Awesome! :biggrin:

That is great news! I am glad to hear that your folks will get to see you in action! :tongue: And at a very cool place too! :tongue:

Wow, you are going to get to show them a great time! That will be such a treat for you and them (oh, and us here at DC because you will tell us all about it!)… :wink:


So I have been looking through all the menus this morning and so far I really have no idea where I want to take them as far as restaurants are concerned. I really wanted to take them to 50s Prime Time since it’s my favorite, but right now it’s scheduled to be closed for a rehab during their trip. :crying: I will have to keep checking into that though in case they finish early.

I think what I am going to do is just send my mom the link for the menus at AllEars, and have her look through them and pick. She is a planner just like me, but her specialty is Disneyland. :laugh: Together, I am sure this trip will be over-planned just like the others we have taken to DL. :biggrin:


There is no such thing as over planning. Some people are just more organized than others. It doesn’t mean we over-plan.

(Did that sound like an attempt to make myself feel better?)


Well, I’m not sure how big an issue $$$ will be, but my all time favorite meal at WDW is the dinner at O’hana’s. It’s like a feast and everything was outstanding. Plus, you do get that CM discount. :wink:


Gingita!! That is great news :c)

Have fun looking through all those menus with your mom. I love those menus!


What great news!!! I took my parents there for the first time in October, and it was great!

I love the idea of you sending your mom the AllEars menus. This way, she can decide what seems more appealing to her! And if it’s a place you have never gone, chances are someone from DC has been there! So ask away for opinions!!!


Gingita, that is great news! Make sure to take pics and post them for us!


Yay!!! I’m so happy for you:) Just thinking about you looking at the menus makes me hungry! Happy planning!


Yeah, I am hungry too! :pinch:

I better go find some chocolate! :biggrin:

Keep us filled in Ginger! :wink:


That’s great news. Is your hubby going to get to come visit you as well?


Sounds wonderful! And I agree… try to go to 'Ohana, because it’s all about family, right? :mickey:


Well we just booked the airfare and the resort! It’s the little things that make me so excited… :biggrin:

Later, we are going to discuss the ADRs. I can’t believe they are actually coming! It’s so spur of the moment for them, especially since it’s only 3 weeks away.


EEK!!! Already booked it! That is so exciting…I’m so happy for you.
After missing your family at christmas, this is a great thing to have planned to look forward to.

I’ve never lived away from my mama and we’re very very very close, I’m worried about how much I’m going to miss her…I’ll have to try to plan little trips too.