Great News


:laugh: Hey thanks Mickey for the email on the contest, who wouldn’t want DD’s for a future trip I’ll post often :happy: or should I say more:blush: I get on here all the time but just to read about all the TR’s and what’s going on in the world, don’t do a lot of posting but will get on it now.Thanks again and good luck to all of you Mousers:laugh:


I agree, thanks! It would sure help that is for sure.


I wanna win the dollars!!!


Yeah I would have to agree that I get so caught up in reading the TR’s that I forget to post most of the time. Gonna remember now that’s for sure!!! :laugh:


Mickey send out the email was the best thing in the world.
I would love to win the $$, but I wish everyone luck…

Maybe we can split it… lol


Yeah, we should split it…JUST KIDDING!^^


I wanna win, too, but I will be super happy for anyone who wins!


I don’t believe you…you know you will do a Donald and raise your arm and fist in disgust! LOL:wink: :biggrin: :laugh:


it would be a surprise to win the dollars