Great photos of the FL construction


Fantasyland photos


wow! Thanks for the pictures! It doesn’t look very Magical Disney :crying:
I’m sure it’s going to be great, but for some reason I don’t think that area of the park is going to really give me the “Disney feel” while I am there next month. :pinch:


I think Disney does a good job at hiding their construction with decorative walls at ground-level, though.

It looks like those pictures were taken from Dumbo, maybe?


Just think how magical it will look when its complete though! Interested to see what goes into the Beauty and the Beast building!


Interesting…but I have to echo NJ Mommy. Kind of glad I decided to hold off on a WDW trip til it (should be) finished!


Whoa…just saw an aerial view…and is Pinocchio’s Village Haus GONE? And what are they doing to the Snow White/Winnie the Pooh ride areas? It looks blocked off as well! I’m definitely waiting til they finish this. I always do Fantasyland first and whats the fun in going if half of everything is gonna be gummed up. =(


These pictures are great! I’ll have to bookmark this as it appears they update quite often! Thanks for the link!!


Thanks for sharing the pics. I’m amazed at how much progress there has been on the Little Mermaid building. Wow!


I’m pretty sure the Pinocchio Village Haus is still there; but quite a bit is blocked off, it feels a little closed in in areas. Good pics of the construction though, I can’t wait to see it when it’s done :happy: