Great story in Allears Newsletter


I know most of your probably get the same emails that I do, but the story in today’s Allears e-newsletter was great so I wanted to share!


Making Your Own Magic
by All Ears® Readers Jean and Steve Eldredge

Editor’s Note: As I sat down to write the January 1st feature, an email came in from Jean and Steve Eldredge. I thought the story and its message would make the perfect start to the New Year!

My husband and I went to Disney from December 4th - 12th. We have always stayed off property and this time we went with NO children and stayed on.

One thing we did was something we read on your site.

We brought 103 bottles of Maple Syrup, little nip/jug size and my husband made beautiful tags that said " Happy Holidays from New Hampshire". At first I was like, hmmmm, almost $400 for Maple Syrup. I was being selfish but went along with him. We packaged them in Post Office boxes. Just in case they questioned it in our checked luggage we had a way to send it back to our home.

I will tell you I had the most joy giving out the little Maple Syrups. It blew the Cast Members away!

We had servers sitting down with us telling us half their life story.

In Japan, the server made us origami after we gave her one.

But the one that brought tears to my eyes, was a custodian Cast Member in Epcot. We had just come off Soarin and used the bathroom. An older woman was cleaning and whistling and smiling. I gotta say that bathroom was spotless!

I thanked her for making me smile and doing a wonderful job. I then handed her the Maple Syrup.

She followed me out of the bathroom and caught up with my husband and I, she was in tears.

She took off her 20 years of employment pin and gave it to us. I told her NO, you earned that, I can’t take it!

She said a guest has never given her anything.

That’s when I started crying. It was quite the emotional moment.

She then asked if she could hug us. It was like, of course. Then I actually saw my husband getting a little teary as well.

I could write a book on the stories of the Maple Syrup, but, I have gone on and on as it is.

Happy New Year One and All!


what a great idea!!! That is SO sweet for those people do do!
Wow! I wonder how heavy their bags were though when they were headed to the parks!


I just finished reading that also, what a fun idea. I wonder how our Wisconsin cheese would hold up.:pinch:


i read that this morning too - wow! brings tears to my eyes.


I just love :wub: this story!! We’re headed out there in March and now I’m trying to think of what would be fun to bring from Austin, Texas. I can’t think of a better place to spread joy than at WDW.:blush:


Oh, that is so lovely!:crying:


That really warms my heart! What a kind thing to do. Something so simple, can really make a persons day. Thanks for sharing.


How much fun it would be to bring smiles to so many who sometimes have to work to keep that smile on their face! What great people!


I also read that this morning and it made me proud that such a wonderful idea was thought of and carried out by a fellow New Hampshire resident and it got me to thinking what I could do for a similar spreading of good cheer and I came up with something that is VERY plentiful and not to expensive and that Floridians don’t often receive. How about snowballs and icicles? how do you think they will hold up on the plane trip? We leave in 17 days for BWV and I can’t wait. It’s snowing again today. :laugh: Seriously I think they did a wonderful thing and I hope it gets more people to show the castmembers that we appreciate all they do for us.


thank you for sharing that. what a wonderful story!


That is SO cool. I would love to do something like that. What a great way to spread joy!


wonderful, that is what christmas is about


I loved this story…when I first read it in the newletter it brought tears to my eyes. Like everyone else I tried to think of something from Connecticut to bring with me on my next trip so spread a little of my own magic!


What a great story! Brought tears to my eyes. What a great idea . . . we’ll have to work on something for March. WDWRules, I think we’ll pass on the WI cheese, though! :laugh: That would bring a whole different kind of tears to the eyes.


That is just way too cool…you rock Gigglebox!


What a great story! Thanks for sharing!


That was a beautiful story. :heart: