Great Tip!


On our visit in June we arrived at the MK 30 minutes before the second Spectromagic of the night and proceeded towards ToonTown. It was relatively empty and the kids loved it. They rode Goofy’s Barnstormer 3 times in a row without a wait and then we went to see Mickey and they had time to actually visit him and play with him without rushing. We then went to the “Tent” and what a wonderful time they had. Our 9 month old at the time had 10 minutes to himself with Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger and oh what a smile he had. The 3 oldest went from room to room and had the same amount of time with Minnie, Cinderella, Chip and Dale and even that mean old Jafar. I would highly recommend this to anyone with children or without for that matter :smile: We even had time during the fireworks to ride the TeaCups and Winnie the Pooh by just walking right up to the front of the ride.


Thanks for the information Disney6, I didn’t realize that Toon Town was still open during that time period. I guess others didn’t realize it either thus the reason for minimal people there.


I didn’t realize it was still open at that time either.


Wow! I thought they opened at 10am…great tip!


We did the same thing as you, only by accident. We happened to wonder into ToonTown after the TeaCups and about 1/2 before Wishes. I was in the Big Tent Store and noticed an entrance for characters. I asked my DS who is 8 (his first trip) if he wanted to see who was in there, he wanted to and off we went. There was absolutely no one in there. They told us to take our time and enjoy. Just seeing the ropes on the way in made me shiver. I could not imagine waiting that long to see a character.

We finished and boogied to see Wishes. We got caught behind the Castle. That was ok, we got to see it in an unusual way. Still want to see it sitting in front of the castle though.


Shhhh, don’t tell alot of people or it will ruin it for us few in the know. Of all the times we have been, this 45 minutes or so had to be the least stressfull and peaceful waiting for a ride or to see any of the characters and yes Hiner, seeing Wishes behind the castle is quite a different perspective and alot less crowded. The CM’S in the tent and with Mickey were so nice and you could tell the difference in their demeanor. We also had an experience sorta like that at AK along the character trail where Pooh and friends reside. It was during the parade and we had the place to ourselves again pretty much. For parents with young children who can’t sit still waiting for the parades this is a very good alternative.


We too had almost the same experience at AK with Pooh and friends only it was not during a parade. I happened to see the sign and we walked down, only to find Pooh and his friends basically alone. We had a blast!! I wonder if not many people know of this character meeting place?!

Now, we did not go to the Camp Mini Mickey. If you went, how was that one??