"Greatest Game Ever Played"


Just saw it last night, and wow! What a great movie… eveybody should rent this one, even if you are not a golfer or a golf fan!!! :smile:


Never heard of it… Who’s in it?


I LOVED this movie! DS8 is a huge golf fan (we have no idea where he gets it) and I took him to see it when it first came out. I absolutely loved it! It is definitely a must see.


Never heard of it either!


It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of it - you still have to see it! Trust me, it’s really great!

It’s about a young working-class boy around the turn of the century who lives accross the street from a golf club (actually true story - took place right near where I live). As he gets older he works as a caddy at the club. He’s also a really good player. Eventually he qualifies to play in the US Open and it’s all about how he struggles to overcome the prejudice of his social standing.


Oh… It’s one of those movies that has a moral and meaning to it… YUCK! Give me movies with guns and stuff blowing up and purty girls… :laugh:


No, you’ll enjoy it anyway. The last hour of the movie centers on only the game. You will sit there rooting for the guy and end up really appreciating the game itself!


I saw it on ebay where I usually buy from my supplier, but the movie didn’t sound like it was a must have…

Is it worth buying at $7.00??? :huh:


YES!!! I would pay $15 for it. It was that good.


LOL, you sound like a charmer!!


The star is that boy from the movie “Holes.” I can’t think of his name. He plays Francis Ouimet, who was a very important golfer. This actor is wonderful, and wow do I hate snobs abyway, so this movie is just right for me.


Shia LaBeouf (sp??) … he was on Even Stevens too.

I wanted to see this movie, but I’m not really into golf so I didn’t think I’d like it much. Thanks for the review - I’m definitely going to watch it now!


This was a very well made movie. I was very suprised because the preview did not look as good as the actual movie! Shocked me loved it!