Green Pirates Pluto


A friend recently brought me back a prates pluto pin, pin 46053. It is shaded a light green.

After checking pin pics I wrote to them and now there is a note on the pin page about the coloring being different on some pins.

I’d like to know how common the light green ones are, because the page gave the impression it was very common, but the cast member’s at Disneyland said it was not.



I haven’t seen those pins yet, so I’m not sure how rare it is. If pinpics is saying that is a common color, then it probally is.


All the ones I have seen lately at WDW are shaded green. Maybe the Disneyland ones aren’t, but I haven’t seen a non-shaded one here.


Can anyone post a pic please?


All my pins are packed up for the move, but once I get unpacked, if there isn’t a pic, I will post one.