Groceries delivery at resorts


The last time we traveled with DS and family, we use WEGOSHOP. Service was fine. Shopper was good. But between the service fee, the tip and then tipping bell services, I’m not sure we saved anything.

Now there is amazon fresh. Has anyone used it at disney world? I’ve looked at prices, they seem pretty good. They don’t carry everything, but enough. There is still the tips involved, but no service fee. I wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t for having the grand kids. The prices at disney are about 3 times the regular price. I mean $1.69 for a single banana!!!


Jo-Jo, how do you get to the resort? Magic Express, Mears, Town Car??? Most town cars will do a 30 min stop to go grocery shopping on the way to the resort for free. This might be an option for you for most of your purchases.


Magic Express. We love not dealing with luggage.

Years ago we did a town car service, and of course it’s quicker but also a lot more cost.

#4 is pretty good.


We ended up going with WEGOSHOP. They had a deal with buying a gift certicate at least a month ahead you got a discount. So $100 gift certificate for $75. That basically pays for the delivery fee. Of course then there are tipping all over the place, but that’s with anyplace. It is a pain to write out a grocery list…much easier to go click click like with garden grocer. But then garden grocer charge a lot more for items I think.

WESOSHOP told me they are a preferred vendor and have access to the luggage area to put all the food away. I didn’t know when to put down delivery time, since sometime you get a room at 11 am, sometimes at 4 pm. So I asked for it early and they will just put it in the fridge and I’ll just call Bell services when the room is ready.

Next trip with just, I think I’ll use amazon prime now. Without grandkids to feed and water, we need much less.


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Well the three of us will keep this site going. DW and I are going in May. For an entire week this time. Still deciding if we are going to purchase AP’s or not. We will be there for the opening day of Pandora. Hoping for a soft opening during the week before in order to go more than once.


Am trying to convince my wife to go for 5 days for the Memorial day weekend, but am getting a lot of resistance (long story, and not open to discussion), but we will be there mid September for a week, and the first week of December. Can not wait. Will definitely need a scouting report on Pandora Capt.


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Welcome back Beth. I am on FB also, along with a lot of the old MB people. We have our own private chat group, but not the same as being here.


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I’m still here but I haven’t checked in for a couple of weeks.

We have a trip planned for this summer and ordered groceries from WeGoShop. We’ve used them several times and had good luck all but one time. I’m hoping this summer we’re back to good service.


Getting back to the resort food delivery…

Our trip in Sept we used AMAZON PRIME NOW. Since our May trip, the food selections have expanded. Also with all the service , tipping shopper and tipping bell services, we wanted to buy everything we needed in one trip. At the end of the trip, we ended up throwing away food. Some soda and water we left for housekeeping, but all in all didn’t see much (if any) savings.

Now if you plan to do real cooking, setting out full meals, you still need something like garden grocer, but for us, Prime Now works. We get mostly get water, soda, milk, juice and snacks. I’d rather get two orders over the week and cut down on the waste.