Grocery Delivery at SSR


Hi, all! My Friend and her family will be staying at SSR in May. They won’t have a car, but would love to have some groceries in the room.

I hear of many of you using Garden Grocer. What is the fee? Is there a website? Is there a list of food/beverages you could order?

Are there any other options to stock the villa with groceries, without having a car? They are taking ME from the airport, so they can’t stop anywhere.

Thanks in advance! :happy:


We used We go Shop and made our own grocery list. It was quick and easy and we got exactly what we wanted. I’ve looked at GG in the past and they had a lot of common items to choose from and I believe you could add to that if it wasn’t n the list.


I just put in 2 grocery delivery orders from Garden Grocer and it was really easy to do from their website! If the order is under 200$ then charge 12.00 delivery fee.

We placed one order for our stay at BWV and one order for our stay at SSR. We didn’t want to have to pack baby food (those jars are heavy when you have alot!) in our suitcases! (we are also using ME w/no rental car)


We have used Garden Grocers MANY times! They have always been great! We even have had them bring some beer for us. You have to call and talk to then about that personally, but they will do it. They are very reliable and prompt!

We used wegoshop once then they were out of business when we tried the next time so that is when we went to garden grocer. Wegoshop must of started back up. We did not have problems with them either.