Grocery Delivery Service


Hubby and I were just discussing our trip in August and we were wondering if it would be worth it to set up a grocery delivery service to deliver the few items we would like to have. I know they have a minimum which I am sure with the items we would want we could reach it. But we are staying at Caribbean Beach Resort, can we have them deliver there?? Is it really worth it?? :minnie:


I have used Garden Grocer in the past. I think it’s worth it if you do not have a car and you like to have drinks and snacks in your room. To me, having the drinks is worth it. I hate using my snacks credits for an over-priced bottle of water. Sorry Disney, but your water is ridiculous. I can buy a case for what you charge for a single bottle.:laugh:


[QUOTE=Dana;I can buy a case for what you charge for a single bottle.:laugh:[/QUOTE]

You’re not kidding!! Last time I asked my cousin to bring us a case since he lives in Orlando but I was thinking we could get more than a case and other things so it leaves me more room in the suitcases!! hehe :laugh:


We use Garden Grocer every time we go. They are so accommodating and the hotels are always accommodating in storing our groceries pending our arrival.


I like your thinking. I would order the water and some snacks for the room. CBR has small fridges. I like knowing there is a CHEAP, COLD bottle of water waiting for me after a day in the parks!


We used Garden Grocer back in April and they were easy to work with, delivered everything on time and the order was correct. I would recommend them.

We like to have some drinks and snacks in the room as well. They can even bring you beer and wine if you drink them and would like to have them in your room. We did this on our big family trip in April, ordering several bottles of wine and some six packs of beer. We would get together every night in one of the villas and saved a ton of money over buying that stuff from the resort shop or from the resort bar.

I find that orange juice is another great thing to order if you are juice drinkers. I am a pretty go with the flow kind of gal when it comes to Disney prices but for some reason, I always seem to find their orange juice in the food courts crazily overpriced.:laugh:


I’ve heard great things about using Garden Grocer and also of having Amazon ship non-perishable items to the resort!