Grocery Service


Can anyone recommend a grocery service to have some items delivered to our resort? How it works? Is it worth it?

We are just thinking about having some bottled water, juice, milk and some e-z breakfast items delivered.

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A lot of people use, The Selection of a SUPERMARKET Delivered to Your Door!


I just checked this out and it is exactly what I am looking for.

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I used them when I stayed in the two bedroom at OKW and had a party of 6 (4 being teenagers). They were perfect. We got soda, juice, water, some breakfast items and tons of snacks. It was easy and cheaper than buying stuff every time the kids wanted a snack…very convienent to have it right there in the room. I would use them again if I stayed in a two bedroom and had all that space for the supplies. We are staying in a studio this time and do not have the space to store tons of items this time. I will also have a rental car, so we are going to just grab a case of water and a few items at a near by store.


We have used them too! More than once, they are great!! They left stuff with bell services and we picked it up when we checked in!!! They brought all kinds of stuff and BEER too!! We had them deliver a 12 pack of beer, if you want beer you have to call them directly and have them add it to the order!!! Very reasonable too!!!


Well I am just staying in a standard room at WL. I know the fridge is complementary now but is it big enough to hold a gallon of milk and a couple bottles of water? Oh and some fruit?

We are just looking to get some breakfast foods (muffins, granola bars etc) so we don’t need too much space in the fridge but Ty loves his milk and Rob loves his bottled water so I would like to stock up cheaper than buying it everytime the boys want something!

Also, can you say what time it should be delivered to Bell services? Considering that I would be ordering milk and (pre cut) fruit I don’t want it sitting around all day without refrigeration.

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The fridge is the size of a dorm room fridge, it can hold a gallon of milk, a few bottles of water, a few soda cans, and a few other items. Bell service will usually refridgerate anything that is being held that needs it!!!


You should be able to fit a few days’ worth of supplies into the little room fridges. Just be prepared to be creative and don’t worry about removing shelves or rearranging them.
I’m semi local, so I’ve got a car and pass a Publix between home and WDW if I need something. From what I’ve seen here, Garden Grocer is the service of choice.


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The fridge would better suit a half gallon,but you could squeeze the gallon in there along with other stuff if you take out the shelves like soundgod suggested you do. As for the water, get a case and just fill it up with bottles in the mornings or before bed…just work from the case instead of trying to see how many you can get in there. I did that last trip at POFQ (we used a grocery stop with quicksilver) with waters and lemonade for my DD. We also got a few room snacks and stuff…nothing big, just items to have on hand so we didn’t have to pay disney prices for everything. I am also a water freak like your DH, so the case of water is a necessity for me.

As for delivery time, I suggest you tell them two hours after you land. They ask for a two hour time frame and call you when they get there. If you are not on hand for their delivery, they will store it with bell services and they do have a cold storage area so your cold stuff will not go bad. I highly suggest you pay in advance when you place the order to avoids having to meet them just in case your plane is late or something else comes up. This way you know your stuff will be there waiting and they won’t have to send someone else back out again when you finally arrive.


I’m going to agree with Dana… 1/2 gallon is more like it. WL also has grocery items for purchase should you forget something or want another 1/2 gallon of milk.


I just signed up wit Garden Grocer online, quick and painless.


We used Garden Grocer and it was really easy and fast. They delievered our groceries to the front desk and they were waiting when we got to the hotel. It was nice to have extra water, breakfest food and snacks in the room…


Thanks for the great tips! I am gonna put them in my Passporter. Wait a minute, I am gonna name one of folders “Danas Tips”

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Another Question regarding this…

How soon before our travel date should I place the order? One Month? One week? Longer?

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Lisa-We used Garden Grocer last year and they were great. They give you a time frame for delivery. I can’t remember exactly like between 12:30-2:30 for example. We picked about 2 hrs after our flight got in. Everything was just fine. I believe we placed the order about a month before. I know they do stop accepting deliveries once they have too many. I noticed after we ordered a week or two later they were no longer doing deliveries during that time. Also go with the 1/2 gallon of milk. DS only drank it at breakfast before we left in the morning and a bit before bed as he was drinking milk with most meals. Good luck,


We used Garden Grocer too and they were excellent! I agree with Dana, pay before you go so you don’t have to worry about getting to the resort before they do. If I remember right, I think we ordered about a month in advance. It was very convenient and we would use them again!